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YouTube Finally Speaks Out About Controversial Logan Paul Video

As much ire as Logal Paul has been generating thanks to his tasteless and offensive video venturing into Japan's "Suicide Forest" and video taping someone who had committed suicide, YouTube was getting a lot of hate, too.

YouTube star Logan Paul earlier announced he was stepping away from posting videos "to reflect" following an outcry when he uploaded images of the body and his reaction to finding it in the forest.

It also dropped Paul from Foursome, a romantic comedy available on YouTube's subscription service on which the vlogger had been a main cast member for three seasons.

Per ABC News, Google removed Paul from the Google Preferred premier ad service that lets top brand advertisers connect with top YouTube producers. In addition, the social media company has pushed the pause button on several of Paul's original series and any feature-length films he starred in, including the upcoming sequel to the famous 2017 YouTube produced film The Thinning. The company also issued an open letter to its community on Twitter, acknowledging its "lack of communication" and slow response time.

Paul released his discovery to his YouTube channel for his 15 million subscribers to see.

"Through its decision to cut ties with Logan Paul, YouTube is sending a clear message to influencers that they will be held responsible for their actions and that they need to think twice before sharing content that could be considered offensive or inappropriate", Dahan said in an email.

Paul's YouTube account will remain live, however, and will still be able to use the website's advertising systems to make money from his videos. The video gleaned millions of views and sat on the YouTube Trending page for a while before community members and celebrities including Aaron Paul and Chrissy Teigen called Paul out for his offensive and disrespectful video.

Ultimately, YouTube stated that Paul's video "violated" the platform's community guidelines and confirmed that it was "looking at further consequences". According to YouTube's guidelines if a channel receives three strikes in three months it will be deleted. The video drew swift condemnation from other YouTubers and public figures, and Paul removed it after a few hours. The statement also promised that the company would take steps "to ensure a video like this is never circulated again".

Google Preferred aggregates YouTube's top content and sells it to advertisers.

Logan Paul has been criticized for showing the body of a man who apparently committed suicide in a You Tube video

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