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Windows 10: NSA reveals major flaw in Microsoft's code

The National Security Agency (NSA) in the US discovered a vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows 10 OS and Server 2016/2019 that would have allowed threat actors to intercept secure communications. Now, users still stuck on Windows 7 will not get any software support from the tech giant.

Microsoft released a free software patch to fix the flaw Tuesday and credited the intelligence agency for discovering it. After today, Windows 7 officially becomes a legacy OS, leaving hundreds of millions of users with a decision to make.

The NCSC has previously warned of the dangers in continuing to use outdated operating systems, using the example of Windows XP going out of support in 2014.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security also released a statement Tuesday urging Windows users to apply a security patch provided by Microsoft within 10 days. This is just the first in what could be a very long list of vulnerabilities and issues buried within Windows 7 that could leave you under threat.

Windows 7 became so popular, in fact, that it took Windows 10 almost four years just to pass it in market share.

"Today marks the end of support for Windows 7".

"For customers requiring more time to move to the latest product, the Extended Security Update (ESU) program is available for certain legacy products as a last resort option", Microsoft explains.

For everyone else, you've got no choice but to change operating systems.

You can now download the stable version for Windows 7, 8 and 10, as well as macOS, directly. However, a tenth of those surveyed had no idea whether Windows 7 was still running on devices in their company.

One of the highlights is the Tracking Prevention feature that stops website trackers from keeping an eye on you all the time.

This component was introduced back in Windows NT (20 years ago) and has been in all versions of Windows ever since. The price to upgrade your PC spirals to £219.99 for Windows 10 Pro and a jaw-dropping £339 for Windows 10 Pro for Workstations. Say what you will about Windows 10, the update provides any number of security features and performance enhancements that you'll want to take advantage of sooner rather than later. "It doesn't work for everyone, but if you read the comments online many people say it is still working", Saltzman said.

If you are running a pilot with any of the pre-release channels (canary, dev, beta), the release version of Edge will run alongside those iterations; those builds will not be updated to the stable channel version.

Windows 7 should not be used for internet banking from Tuesday

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