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What to expect from October meteor showers

The South Taurid meteor shower is expected to peak on the evenings of October 9 and 10, according to the American Meteor Society.

Two meteor showers-the Draconids and the Southern Taurids-are set to peak this week, while another, the Orionids, will reach maximum activity later in the month.

The Southern Taurids, like the Draconids, are a minor shower, though AccuWeather says they can occasionally erupt into bright fireballs that streak across the sky. The shooting stars will appear to emanate from the Draco constellation, located above the Big Dipper and Polaris.

For the best views of these meteor showers, try to go somewhere away from light pollution with favorable weather conditions. The Orionid meteor shower will be peaking that night, producing around 20 meteors per hour.

Although the meteor shower will favor those in the Northern Hemisphere, those in the Southern Hemisphere can still catch a few Draconid meteors this week.

So, if you've got a home in the country side and want a little entertainment with your dinner, you know where to look. As recent as 2011, European observers reported over 600 meteors per hour. USA Today reports that since the meteors will be competing with the light from the moon, you should focus your gaze on an empty patch of sky.

Every yr our skies are lit up by returning meteor showers, from Quadrantids and Lyrids to Perseids and Geminids. While the shower typically only produces about 10 meteors an hour, it has had outbursts in the past where it's far exceeded expectations.

Lay down on the ground or in a recliner to get as much of the sky as possible in your view, said Lada.

The Draconids meteor shower can be seen around the world at its peak.

Sky watchers will have several things to look for this week. Since the Moon can already drown out some of the brightest meteors in the shower, staying away from lamp posts and other brightly lit areas can significantly help in making the Draconids more visible.

A pair of meteor showers will light up the skies this week	 	 	 			Getty Images

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