QR.bizNews'We're About to Lift Off': SpaceX Mission Tests Emergency Shoot Successfully

'We're About to Lift Off': SpaceX Mission Tests Emergency Shoot Successfully

A simulated in-flight abort scenario to test whether the Crew Dragon craft can protect astronauts in the event of an emergency at launch, due to take place on Saturday, has been postponed by 24 hours due to bad weather at the recovery site in the Atlantic Ocean, SpaceX announced.

The first mission with humans aboard, which will be the final test mission before NASA's commercial crew program becomes operational, is scheduled for the second quarter of this year, after the spacecraft is completed no later than March, Musk said. Meanwhile, NASA has paid Russian Federation billions of dollars for American astronauts to ride aboard Russia's Soyuz capsules.

It was a way to test that the abort system on the Falcon 9 worked and showcased that the spacecraft would successfully disengage itself in case of an emergency.

Crew Dragon splashed down at 10:38 am just off the Florida coast in the Atlantic Ocean. That was created as a short-term mission, on the order of a couple of weeks, but NASA is leaving the door open to continuing that mission by an indefinite amount.

A successful emergency abandonment test will mark an important victory for SpaceX.

"Dragon high altitude, supersonic abort test is a risky mission, as it's pushing the envelope in so many ways", Musk tweeted minutes before liftoff.

Boeing suffered a setback when its Starliner spacecraft malfunctioned during an orbital test flight in December, and it's not clear when the vehicle will be ready for crewed missions.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket engine intentionally self-destructs after jettisoning the Crew Dragon astronaut capsule shortly after takeoff at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla, on January 19, 2020.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine stated, "Do we want that first crew to be short duration or do we want it to be a longer duration?".

"As far as we can tell thus far, it's a picture flawless mission".

"That's the main objective of this test, is to show that we can carry the astronauts safely away from the rocket in case anything's going wrong", SpaceX's Benji Reed, director of crew mission management, said.

Recycled from three previous launches, the SpaceX rocket was destroyed as it burst apart in flight and slammed in pieces into the sea. Air Force and SpaceX teams were stationed to fix it while they were rehearsing to remove a crew from the capsule. Crewed spaceflights will definitely increase not just commercial avenues for the Government space agency, but also further its own research operations.

The test is crucial to qualify the capsule to fly humans to the International Space Station, something NASA expects to come as soon as mid-2020. The parachutes on this Crew Dragon were SpaceX's newest version, the Mark 3 parachute design. They save its crew before two NASA astronauts strap in for a flight to the International Space Station.

Two NASA astronauts are selected to be the first passengers for Crew Dragon: Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, both former military test pilots and space shuttle mission veterans.

This Nasa TV video frame grab shows a SpaceX rocket launching to perform an in-flight abort test of its Crew Dragon spacecraft which was unmanned for the apparently successful test

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