QR.bizNewsWatch Mercury transit the Sun on Monday, Nov. 11!

Watch Mercury transit the Sun on Monday, Nov. 11!

Space lovers will get a chance to experience a rare astronomical event, thanks to the help of a Bay City planetarium.

Mon Nov 11, 2019 TRANSIT OF MERCURY Today, Monday, November 11th, the planet Mercury passes directly between the earth and the sun. You can get mylar at most locations that sell emergency blankets, including Wal-Mart or Target.

The last transit was in 2016, while next transit of Mercury is only in 2032. Mercury will pass in front of and nearly directly across the middle of the sun. There are 13 or 14 transits of Mercury each century, so they are comparatively rare events, though each one can typically be seen over a large area of the Earth's surface, the RAS says.

Because the planet's orbit around the Sun is tilted, it normally appears to pass above or below our nearest star.

Seen against the solar disk, Mercury's disk is so small that a telescope is required to make it visible.

While you won't notice any difference in the light output from the sun, these types of transits are primarily used to find planets around distant stars. Astronomy experts expect the transit to begin in the eastern time zone around 7:35 a.m. on Monday, lasting for about five and a half hours.

The University of the Virgin Islands invites the public to join the physics faculty and students for the next Planetarium Day to view the upcoming Solar transit of Mercury. Asia and Australia will miss out.

NASA will have a almost live webcast of the event. And if you're waiting for Venus to do a reprise of its widely watched 2012 solar passage, take good care of yourself: The next transit of Venus takes place in 2117.

It's this kind of transit that allows scientists to discover alien worlds. That's because the orbits of the planets are tipped with respect to each other.

"Transits are a visible demonstration of how the planets move around the sun, and everyone with access to the right equipment should take a look", Mike Cruise, president of the Royal Astronomical Society, said in a statement from England.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory saw Mercury transit the Sun in 2016 as this merged

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