QR.bizNewsUK Brexit vote set for January 15 amid talk of delay

UK Brexit vote set for January 15 amid talk of delay

Theresa May's Brexit plans have received a major setback after she suffered a second damaging Commons defeat within 24 hours.

Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd said history will take "a dim view" of the PM's Cabinet if it presses ahead with a no-deal Brexit if MPs vote against her agreement next week.

Brexit-backing Tories accused Mr Bercow of flouting Commons procedures by allowing a vote on the proposal, tabled by former attorney general Dominic Grieve.

The government was expecting to have 21 days to reveal its Brexit plans if it loses the vote next week, however 17 Conservative MPs joined forces with Labour to inflict the defeat in the Commons.

The amendment was passed by a votes of 308 to 297 following stormy scenes in which a series of Conservative MPs castigated the Speaker, John Bercow, for allowing the amendment. But there is little indication that many MPs have been swayed and the deal is nearly certain to be defeated on Tuesday. Ms.

"We would seek to provide certainty, quickly", a government spokesman said, speaking to journalists after prime minister's questions.

The government needs 318 votes to get a deal through parliament as seven Sinn Fein lawmakers do not sit, four speakers and deputy speaker do not vote and the four tellers are not counted.

But opposition remains strong from both pro-Brexit and pro-EU U.K. lawmakers.

Critics of Mr Corbyn's leadership say he is reluctant to go down this route because, if he fails, pressure will increase on him to endorse calls by many of his MPs - and what polls suggest is a majority of party members - for another referendum.

It is widely expected that Prime Minister Theresa May's EU Withdrawal Agreement will be voted down next week, which would leave No Deal as the default Brexit option.

Its objective was to prove there was a parliamentary majority to oppose no deal, and the cross-party group of rebels who organised Tuesday's defeat said they could seek to amend any and every piece of legislation the government brings to parliament between now and March.

On Tuesday night, MPs who oppose a no-deal Brexit were were joined by 20 Tory rebels in backing a cross-party amendment to the Finance Bill meant to limit the Government's ability to make tax changes in the event of no-deal.

May's fellow Conservative Party colleagues who support a hard Brexit, which would entail cutting nearly all ties to the EU.

Justice minister Rory Stewart questioned the basis of Mr Bercow's decision, telling the BBC: "It is a very, very unusual thing that he did".

Sources in Brussels have told AFP for several weeks that Britain has been discussing the possibility with European officials, while this was also reported in the Daily Telegraph newspaper on Tuesday.

With the likelihood of a disruptive "no-deal" Brexit rising, the European Union is looking at how Brexit might be postponed, and pro-EU campaigners are testing ways Britain could hold another referendum after voters narrowly backed leaving in 2016.

Ian Murray, a Labour MP who supports People's Vote, a group campaigning for a second referendum, said Parliament has "now asserted its authority and sovereignty and effectively exposed the threat of no deal as an empty one".

It took place at the start of five days of debate in the Commons after she dramatically pulled a vote last month following a warning by the whips that she was facing certain defeat.

UK Brexit minister Martin Callanan ruled out that prospect and said May would update MPs on Wednesday about the assurances over the backstop she is seeking from the EU. Last month she promised to seek reassurances from the European Union on the most contentious issue, the status of the Northern Ireland-Ireland border.

As for a snap election, if Corbyn and his Labour party fails to oust May's Tory party, it'll only serve to reinforce May's position in Brexit negotiations and that means in all likelihood the United Kingdom could be heading towards some form of deal with the European Union after a series of delays.

But many lawmakers, and businesses, say that could cause economic turmoil.

28 2018 An anti Brexit demonstrator waves a Union flag alongside a European Union flag outside the Houses of Parliament in London

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