QR.bizNewsTrump tells Greta Thunberg to put her focus elsewhere

Trump tells Greta Thunberg to put her focus elsewhere

USA president Donald Trump used his platform at the forum to downplay the importance of Thunberg's calls for climate action.

After Trump said the USA had committed to joining the one trillion tree initiative, Thunberg retorted that fixing the climate crisis was not only about trees.

Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk was initially evasive about whether he would step down during a question and answer session during a breakfast event Thursday about Ukraine on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum.

This environmentally-inclined announcement drew some of the most sustained applause of Trump's 30-minute speech, which focused mostly on his administration's accomplishments and the strength of the US economy, a message contrasted with other world leaders who used the forum as a platform to highlight environmental issues like climate change as well as the call for global collaboration.

Charles then held a private meeting with Thunberg, who the previous day told Davos "our house is still burning" and slammed governments for doing "basically nothing" on climate change. I want the cleanest air with the cleanest water. "Let me be very clear".

This isn't the first time Trump has criticized the teen climate activist.

"There are far fewer issues between the United Kingdom and USA than there are between either of us and the European Union because our economies are both very similar", Mr Ross said on Wednesday, adding that "there's already a pretty high degree of integration and coordination" already in place regarding financial services. He also said it should "start working" on other countries that it says are contributing more to the climate crisis. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said this practice had "paralyzed commonsense decision-making for a generation".

Having taken the USA out of the landmark 2015 Paris accord to fight climate change, Trump's administration has called for expanded use of carbon-spewing coal, stripped away environmental protections and played down concerns among scientists about man-made climate change.

On Tuesday, Trump dismissed "perennial prophets of doom" on climate change in his keynote address, while Thunberg sat in the audience. Ivanka was also asked if She was keen on running for the President's post to which she replied that she finds politics less interesting. Trump mocked Thunberg after she was named Time magazine's Person of the Year, calling it "ridiculous".

"We don't want these things done by 2050, 2030 or even 2021, we want this done now", she said.

Climate change not completely'Hoax: Trump

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