QR.bizNewsSon slams Murdoch's media empire for climate change 'denial'

Son slams Murdoch's media empire for climate change 'denial'

"Kathryn and James (Murdoch's) views on climate are well established and their frustration with some of the News Corp and Fox coverage of the topic is also well known", a spokesperson for the couple told The Daily Beast, and later confirmed the statement's accuracy to Reuters.

And it comes as huge swathes of Australian land are being ravaged by wildfires, which have killed more than 20 people and up to a billion animals, putting at risk several endangered species.

Rupert Murdoch past year rejected proposals affecting the company with tough climate deniers, although Bolt claims that any move to bring climate change contributing industries to a standstill is coverage for "would-be totalitarians".

News Corp on Monday announced a major donation for bushfire relief in Australia as the country copes with the growing disaster.

"There are no change climate change deniers around, I can assure you", he said at the company's annual general meeting in NY in December previous year.

The comments place James Murdoch at odds with his father, and his elder brother Lachlan, who have both overseen the Murdoch controlled media empire as it became a rich platform for climate change denial and a defender of the fossil fuel industry.

Robert Thomson, chief executive of News Corp., which owns The Post, added, "Our journalists and editors around Australia have done an extraordinary job of tracking the tragic fires and their profound impact on individuals, communities and the environment".

A recent analysis published in The New York Times found that Murdoch-owned news publications have propelled misinformation on the crisis, exaggerating the role arsonists played in the blazes and downplaying the effects of climate change.

Murdoch columnists have described linking the fires to climate change as "hysterical" and "silly".

Michael Mann, a professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University, linked Murdoch and his media empire directly to the fires engulfing Australia.

News Corp is contributing USD$50,000 to the American Australian Association's Bushfire Relief Fund in conjunction with its 2020 Arts Awards on January 30 in NY.

Rupert Murdoch has stepped away from the family business previous year.

It's not just a family affair either, as James continues to serve on News Corp's board of directors.

James Murdoch Very Crabby With Daddy Slams News Corp’s Years Of Climate Denial

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