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Seismic activity on the moon detected

Images from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter showed that the moon has delicately shriveled as its interior has cooled over the eons, akin to a plump grape transforming into a smaller raisin. This rules out the possibility of asteroid impacts or rumblings from the moon's interior. Slip events on these fault trigger shallow moonquakes that can cause strong shaking many tens of kilometres away. "That means, for all intents and purposes, the moon is tectonically active", Watters tells National Geographic's Mann.

Our planet and its moon undergo tectonics, also known as processes that create quakes, push up mountains, and rip apart land masses. The images also show that boulders on the moon have moved in recent decades, which indicates seismic activity.

'Our #Moon2024 mission is being named after Artemis, who was a sister to Apollo and goddess of the Moon, ' Bridenstine tweeted ahead of the summit.

Even though previous research has found surface features that resemble "wrinkle ridges" in the moon's highlands, the study claims that "wrinkle ridges" have never been spotted in basins before this time.

During the eight years the five Apollo seismometers functioned, they picked up 28 near-surface moonquakes measuring the Earth equivalent of between a 2 and 5 on the Moment Magnitude scale.

"I have a daughter who is 11 years old, and I want her to be able to see herself in the same role as the next women [who] go to the moon see themselves in today", he said.

A handful of similar examples were noted in photographs taken from Apollo craft as they orbited near the moon's equator, but it was not until 2010 that the Lunar Reconniassance Orbiter Camera, capable of recording details less than a metre across, revealed that such scarps can be found scattered across the whole globe. They exist on Mars, and of course they're all over Earth. As the interior shrinks the hard crusty, brittle exterior breaks causing "thrust faults" where one section of the crust is pushed up over a neighboring part.

The team discovered that of the 28 detected shallow quakes, eight are close to (within 30km of) fault scarps, suggesting these faults may indeed be active. His voice adds a lot of gravitas to a new NASA video that plays out like a trailer for the agency's 2024 moon ambitions. Over time, the lunar surface darkens due to weathering and radiation, so bright spots are areas where recent activity has exposed areas on the lunar surface.

"I have a daughter, she's 11 years old, and I want her to see herself in the same position that our current, very diverse astronaut corps now sees itself, having the opportunity to go to the Moon", Mr Bridenstine said.

"The work that they've done simply wasn't possible when the Apollo landings happened because we didn't have such high-resolution images of the moon, Professor Horner said". Announcing project Artemis, NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said: "Fifty years after Apollo, the Artemis program will carry the next man and first woman to the moon".

The request for the NASA funding comes as the White House has been signaling its reluctance to endorse a deal to increase spending "caps" for domestic programs backed by both parties on Capitol Hill.

Watters and his team agree that more data is needed to confirm their finding, and hope that future missions to the moon will set up a high-quality network of seismometers and other equipment to determine if the moon is still restless.

NASA is still working on the Space Launch System as part of its moon ambitions.                  Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser  CNET

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