QR.bizNewsRudy Giuliani Accidently Lends Trump's Haters a Hand, Leaves Twitter Laughing

Rudy Giuliani Accidently Lends Trump's Haters a Hand, Leaves Twitter Laughing

Before he took office, Trump named Giuliani a cybersecurity adviser. "Out of control!Supervision please?"

Rudy Giuliani became the latest conservative to lash out at Twitter, accusing it of allowing someone to "invade my text" after he fell victim to a prank unrelated to the social media company. For example, writing out Twitter.com in a tweet would create a link to Twitter's homepage. He had a limited amount of time to act (needing to go onstage for an improv show) but it took all of 15 minutes, he told the New York Times. No one picked by Trump seems to really know what their job is, let alone seems able to do it.

That's pretty embarrassing by itself, but Giuliani made the error even worse Tuesday night when he blamed the hyperlink in Friday's tweet on Twitter, which he accused of allowing "someone to invade my text".

Jason Velazquez instantly noticed something wasn't quite right with one of the tweets from Rudy Giuliani.

"In a tweet Friday, the former Big Apple mayor failed to add a space between a period and the word "in" - creating the term ".In", which is used to denote websites operated in India.

Velazquez told The Post that Giuliani's follow-up tweet "speaks to the impulsive nature of the administration where they're not thoughtful in anything they put out there, especially on Twitter". Those who clicked on the link saw: "Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country".

Giuliani suggested without evidence that Twitter may have been involved in linking his tweet to the apparent anti-Trump website.

Rudy Giuliani's original tweet with the typo and the link to the anti-Trump website has been shared over 16,000 times since it was published.

Most twitterians lauded the person who bought the domain and captioned it. Giuliani has served as President's Trump's lawyer, and also as his cybersecurity advisor.

Rudy Giuliani attorney for President Donald Trump

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