QR.bizNewsRoddy Ricch's "The Box" Beats Justin Bieber's New Song to No

Roddy Ricch's "The Box" Beats Justin Bieber's New Song to No

Reports blame Bieber's number two debut on the timing of "Yummy"'s release, as the Canadian cutie dropped the tune as all the Christmas music left the charts.

Although Bieber has yet to unveil the album's track list, the follow-up to his 2015 "Purpose" will be led by the newly-released "Yummy". The number reached number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100. Some fans are upset by Bieber's messages and attempts to push "Yummy" To the top when it seems that "The Box" will do this.

The 25-year-old singer was seen in a green hoodie the day before at the dance studio and he was joined by wife Hailey Bieber for that dance practice. The latest Billboard 200 chart is also notable as the first to include video and audio streams from YouTube as part of its metrics. Don't mute it! Play it at a low volume.

"If you are not from the U.S. you can download a VNP [sic] app, set the VPN to USA. and then create a Spotify account".

Justin confronted heavy on-line criticism for repeatedly posting on social media for followers to stream "Yummy" to get it to the primary spot, which was considered shade to Roddy. We will update exactly how your favorite artists' music failed for the first time in 2020.

A few days ago Justin Bieber revealed long battles with Lyme disease and chronic mono which have been sapping his energy.

Despite losing the No. 1 spot, it was no hard feelings from Bieber, who congratulated Ricch on his first No. 1 hit.

Other stars have gotten into hot water with Billboard for global fans streaming under VPNs. The post has since been taken down from Bieber's account, and he's made no comment regarding its content.

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