QR.bizNewsOld iPhones Could Be Jailbroken Using This iOS Flaw

Old iPhones Could Be Jailbroken Using This iOS Flaw

As axi0mX puts it, this is "a permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit".

Specifically, checkm8 only affects devices running on Apple's A5 chip all the way up to the A11 generation, affecting all devices from the iPhone 4S to the iPhone X. Those using the most recent models need not worry as well as those using iOS' Secure Enclave feature. This includes all iPhones from iPhone 4S to X. The checkm8 is not an all-in-one jailbreak package, instead it provides researchers with an extensive foundation to build customised jailbreaks for every vulnerable model.

What I am releasing today is not a full jailbreak with Cydia, just an exploit.

In light of this, Litecoin developer added that iPads that were released before 2019 were also insecure, adding that users' private keys were at risk.

As the vulnerability is found in the device's read-only-memory (ROM) and not in the software, Apple is unable fix the issue with an update. Security researchers will be able to use it to gain full system-level access to iOS so they can spot bugs more quickly in Apple's software.

This exploit has been named as "checkm8" and was discovered by a security researcher who is named @axi0mX on Twitter.

The tool can be employed to downgrade the iOS version to an older version. Recently research has been made on controlling one such third-party service Spotify and results are that the Spotify iOS app can be controlled by using Siri.

While Apple had previously released the stable version of iOS 13 for all its global users, there were reports of several errors and problems in the update. So, although hundreds of millions of iPhone being vulnerable, it is not possible to jailbreak them with the physical barrier in place. Although iPhone XS / XR and 11 / 11 Pro devices won't be affected as Apple already patched the flaw in last year's A12 processors. Bakken adds that security needs to be something put in place at the outset, a fundamental feature of "quality by design": "Mobile app developers can not depend exclusively on the security of the operating systems or manufacturers' devices to secure their apps".

Apple is still silent regarding this matter.

Hacker Releases 'Unpatchable' Jailbreak For All iOS Devices, iPhone 4s to iPhone X

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