QR.bizNewsNASA Announces Members of SpaceX's Crew-2 Launch in 2021

NASA Announces Members of SpaceX's Crew-2 Launch in 2021

Their flight is the first time American astronauts have flown from the USA since NASA's space shuttle program ended in 2011.

Just like the launch, the spaceship's ride back will be wholly automated, with the crew and flight controllers intervening only if necessary. "We could stay up here longer".

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"We have confidence that the teams on the ground are, of course, watching that much more closely than we are", Mr. Behnken said during a news conference on Friday, "and we won't leave the space station without some good landing opportunities in front of us, good splashdown weather in front of us".

Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have been aboard the space station since May 31, the day after SpaceX's historic launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida, the first manned launch from USA soil since the space shuttle program was retired in 2011.

Behnken and Hurley are scheduled to return to Earth on August 2.

The return to Earth would mark the first splashdown of a USA space capsule carrying astronauts since the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project that was launched from Kennedy Space Center in 1975.

Doug Hurley, one of the two astronauts, said in a farewell ceremony aboard the ISS that was broadcast on NASA TV. Eastern time on Saturday if weather forecasts back on Earth cooperate, NASA said.

"Just like on an airliner, there are bags if you need them".

Crew members for that mission are to be NASA astronauts Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker, along with Soichi Noguchi from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

The splashdown is the final step in the mission created to test SpaceX's human spaceflight system - including launch, docking, splashdown, and recovery operations.

NASA said it would make a decision on the primary splashdown target about six hours before the undocking.

Otherwise, because of the extended process that leads up to undocking, the crew would end up working more than 20 hours straight, "which is not safe for dynamic operations like water splashdown and recovery", Mr. Huot said.

Their trip in SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft - named Endeavour - was technically a demonstration flight, showing off the capabilities of the ship as NASA advances private partnerships to revive USA space travel. The astronauts will have plenty of food to eat during this time and will be able to sleep before splashdown.

It was the first time in nine years that American astronauts blasted off into space from American soil.

Two SpaceX recovery ships, the Go Searcher and the Go Navigator, made up of spacecraft engineers, recovery experts and medical professionals, will be waiting to pull the capsule on board and help the astronauts get out as they begin readjusting to gravity.

Stormy weather at the potential splashdown sites in the Atlantic could complicate the schedule.

NASA managers say the Crew Dragon has chalked up a near flawless flight, setting the stage for re-entry and splashdown. "My son is six years old, and I can tell from the videos that I get, talking to him on the phone, that he's changed a lot, even in the couple of months that we've been up here".

NASA Announces Members of SpaceX's Crew-2 Launch in 2021

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