QR.bizNewsMore than 1,000 climate rallies for Friday it is planned

More than 1,000 climate rallies for Friday it is planned

In New York, for example, 13-year-old Alexandria Villasenor has forgone her classes for the past twelve consecutive Fridays in order to sit outside the United Nations headquarters and protest.

On Friday, March 15, in almost 1,000 cities and towns in at least 82 countries around the world, young people are planning a school strike. Climate change impacts our members' work and workplaces, and we know that work practices also impact the climate.

Strikers in Australia are fighting against a controversial coal mine project and are demanding a full transition to renewable energy by 2030.

"As academics working on climate change, environment and youth issues, we drafted an open letter supporting young people who are calling for urgent action to address climate change. Because we do have a bit of a movement around isolationism - some countries just choosing to go it alone - and on climate change, if anyone goes it alone, it is at all of our peril", she said. Early this week, Hirsi tweeted about the importance of recognizing that indigenous leaders, not young white students, have been leading climate activism long before these hashtags.

"I live in Western Sydney where the effects of climate change are also felt to quite an alarming degree", she says.

The Skibbereen Community College student has led weekly protests outside of Cork City Hall since the start of 2019 to protest about Government inaction to tackle climate change. The world's children are reminding us that we have a big debt to repay and an earth to fix and restore.

The strikes come as NGOs and environmental groups including Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Ecowatch continue to warn of catastrophic consequences if global emissions remain unchanged.

"I think a big reason why my mum and my dad are so supportive is that they've always pressed that as people who have privilege it is our job to speak out for people who do not", she says. But students bunking off school would be dealt with accordingly, he said.

It is evident amongst my peers at school that we feel let down by our current government. But we must act now.

Our current politicians aren't listening, so we want to recruit candidates across the country to run for us and the climate. "I don't want you to be hopeful".

In France, the message scrawled on posters in the street is more pointed: "In 2050 you will be dead, not us".

Living in Warringah and being passionate about reversing climate change has always been hard due to our current member consistently denying government policy on the issue.

"We recognise, as adults, researchers and as educators, that it is important to respect youth leadership and stand with young people as allies, but not in front".

Frome students and teachers join protest in London

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