QR.bizNewsMicrotransactions are set to return to Star Wars Battlefront 2

Microtransactions are set to return to Star Wars Battlefront 2

You can also earn "Credits", another in-game currency, in order to purchase new skins but this currency is only obtained through playing the game. In Ewok Hunt*, Star Wars™ Battlefront™ IIs exciting new mode, spears and blasters battle for dominance as a squad of stormtroopers are ambushed by a tribe of Ewoks descending from the trees to channel their hidden fury.

What makes it worse (for the stormtroopers at least) is that the mode also takes a page out of Halo's "Infection" gametype. Meanwhile, the Stormtrooper players will have to try and win by holding off the Ewoks for a period of time until an extraction team arrives. In the new system, Crystal will be strictly used to unlock cosmetic skins, such as the new Endor Leia and Endor Han skins. For every stormtrooper taken down in this game mode, another Ewok spawns.

Gamers originally asked EA and DICE about the Hunt Mode back when Star Wars: Battlefront II was still in development but EA denied that the mode would be available during launch, much like how cosmetic options for the characters weren't present during launch.

For more, check out IGN's Star Wars Battlefront II review, which called it a "Star Wars experience that's stunning to look at and wonderfully faithful to the source material, but it stumbles hard on the delivery".

Crystals are also making their way back into the game after the controversy surrounding Star Wars and microtransactions. These are among the 50 new personalization items that will be available with the new update.

After the Night on Endor update though EA are hoping to draw a line under the whole debacle, with all the new content after this being classified as "season two". "And we've heard that this is overshadowing an otherwise great game". "We will now spend more time listening, adjusting, balancing and tuning".

Battlefront II continues to grow as the ewoks join the fight.

"We hear you loud and clear, so we're turning off all in-game purchases", Gabrielson said.

We've got more to come.


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