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Microsoft Introduced a Foldable Smartphone

The Surface Duo has two 5.6-inch displays connected by 360° hinges allowing it to transform into an 8.3-inch tablet when opened.

360-degree hinges let you set the Surface Neo up like a book, a tablet, or a traditional laptop.

The Neo will run Windows 10X, which Microsoft is calling "an expression of Windows 10" built for dual-screen PCs that can handle full productivity apps.

The Surface Duo as well as the larger dual-screen device, the Surface Neo, are expected to be released in Holiday 2020.

Users can run two different apps at the same time, or stand the Surface Duo upright like a laptop and use the bottom display as a keyboard.

At an auditorium in New York City, Microsoft's (sometimes creepily intense) chief product officer, Panos Panay, introduced viewers to a plethora of new and upcoming gizmos from Windows. The new device, called the Surface Duo, is foldable with two 5.6-inch displays side by side and works with Android. The device has a removable, flippable keyboard, which magnetically seals to the back of the device, along with a pen.

With that being said, it's nice to see Microsoft firing on all cylinders when it comes to innovation and we look forward to see what the next year will bring in refinements to the design before it is ready for public consumption. The only significant difference other than Intel's 10th Gen processors is the use of USB 3.1. Details are still pretty scarce as to its capabilities (or even price) but we do know that both the Surface Pro X and the Surface Neo will be able to use it.

Not to be left out of the smartphone craze, Microsoft also teased a new foldable mobile phone that can make calls, stream videos and can be used for work and play.

While the competition focuses on foldable phones, Microsoft is working on a dual-screen device instead.

The 13.5-inch device will start at $2,149 in Australia, while the 15-inch laptop will start at $2,499. The company prefers calling the Duo just another Surface device.

You'll have plenty of time to save up for a Surface Neo if you like the look of what Microsoft has cooked up. It can even play numerous mobile games you already enjoy, since it runs a Windows-ified version of Android.

Along with Microsoft's Surface announcements on Wednesday, the company has revealed AI-powered feature updates to Office 365 apps that exploit Surface hardware for better productivity.

Microsoft also unveiled its Surface Laptop 3, which will come in 13-inch ($999) and 15-inch ($1,199) sizes.

In an additional enhance to the Professional line-up, Microsoft additionally unveiled the ProX, which it says is the "thinnest, lightest, most powerful" Floor Professional ever. The $150 Surface Slim Pen is shaped so that it can fit, and charge, in a trough at the top of the new Alcantara-covered Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard, which has backlighting and a multi-touch glass trackpad. It seems to consider the two screens serving separate purposes, rather than combining to form a single larger display.

Promotional image of laptop next to an enlarged image of its internals

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