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Microsoft gives glimpse of new Xbox console

I've gone over why Microsoft's decision to make all of its games available on PC and Xbox means I'll never need to buy an Xbox in the past - but if Microsoft showed off a genuinely innovative console that really pushed hardware boundaries - I might be interested. Howover, the software giant also revealed yesterday that xCloud will have a free variant with console streaming: That's right, Microsoft will allow all Xbox One owners to turn their consoles into their own Project xCloud server, allowing them to stream any games they own or any Xbox Game Pass games to other devices, including smartphones.

It further indicates that, while a generation leap for Microsoft, Project Scarlett remains heavily rooted in existing Xbox One efforts. The game will be available on September 10, launching on Xbox Game Pass. In case you want both the Xbox and PC versions of Game Pass as well as Xbox Live Gold, you can get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for$14.99 a month. However, it's nice to go out with three JRPGs! It claims Scarlett will be "four times more powerful than Xbox One X".

In addition, the Xbox engineers behind Scarlett revealed that SSD is a game changer, literally. This conversion rate also applies to any other codes you redeem after joining Ultimate, which could prove beneficial if you can get your hands on some cheap codes for Xbox Live Gold. This Google Stadia-like service is being planned to be a complementary service for its Xbox consoles. Future Xbox exclusives will also be made available on Game Pass for PC, including Gears of War 5, Bleeding Edge and Halo Infinite. That's pretty reasonable, particularly when you consider the list of games Microsoft has ready to roll out with the pass.

None of this is to say that Microsoft's E3 2019 press conference was bad.

During the unveiling video, developers spoke of their annoyance with loading times in the current generation of games consoles, often seen in-game, as endless elevator rides and lengthy load screens in open world RPGs.

Hardcore fans of the flight sim genre remember Microsoft's Flight Simulator from the early 1980s all the way to its tenth and last installment titled the FSX: Steam Edition that launched 5 years ago on Valve's store. The new version of the game is being built with native 4K HDR support and utilizes both Global Positioning System and Microsoft's Azure AI power to inject it with an unprecedented level of realism.

Xbox Backward Compatibility adds last games as work on Scarlett begins

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