QR.bizNewsMaster MoltyFoam teams up with Pink Ribbon to raise awareness

Master MoltyFoam teams up with Pink Ribbon to raise awareness

Major advances in breast cancer survival mean the death rate has plunged 44 per cent in almost 30 years, new analysis shows.

"We have a lot of materials, for men and women, both on signs for early detection of breast cancer", Fine-McCarthy said. "We are here to pledge that we will defeat breast cancer together as our forefathers once pledged to obtain an independent homeland", he said.

Dr Herron continued: "Breast cancer touches lots of lives and many of us have a family member or friend who has been diagnosed". Still, an estimated 268,600 women (and 2,670 men) in the USA are expected to be diagnosed this year and 41,760 women (and 500 men) will die of the disease in 2019. However the mortality rate for men is higher than women. Following the clinical breast exam, women will receive a referral for the free screening.

Minar-e-Pakistan turned pink on Thursday to raise awareness for breast cancer.

However, not enough research has been done to understand the complications of the disease in men.

Gordon was one of eight panellists at a think tank session organised by the JN Group, under its Power of Pink initiative, in observance of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At election times, your candidates are open to what voters have to say.

The business owner included the gene runs in his family which grandmother's sister, his auntie, and his aunt's two daughters all died of breast cancer.

Luckily, Mathew's cancer was found early, and he had surgery to remove the breast at the end of July. "This could prevent many more breast and ovarian cancers than the current testing strategy, saving many lives". You must not avoid any change your breasts exhibit. Take off the rose-coloured glasses, become aware of and talk about how our environments are contributing to the majority of breast cancers, and let's hold our governments accountable for their role in our future health and measures for prevention.

Solange Knowles and Beyonce attend the Balmain and Olivier Rousteing after the Met Gala Celebration on 2 May 2016 in New York New York

Mobile wallet Ipaymu and QR codes increase sales in Indonesia

Nowadays the majority of payment transactions in Indonesia are conducted by means of cash. However, modern technical solutions soon will be able to change this situation. Recently an e-wallet Ipaymu was introduced to citizens of the country, which will help to draw attention of smartphone users with the possibility to make mobile payments by means of QR technologies and will probably increase the popularity of cashless payments.

QR codes are used for medical purposes

QR codes have gained popularity around the world. They are used in all spheres of a human activity, helping him to get quick access to the information of his interest, for convenience of making purchases and payment of bank receipts.

New opportunities with the mobile wallet of FIS based on QR codes

Mobile payments become popular around the world. Many banks and financial institutions create special applications for smartphones due to which clients can make transactions by means of their mobile devices.

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