QR.bizNewsMacbook Air, iPad Pro, and Co: So chic Apple's new eye-catcher

Macbook Air, iPad Pro, and Co: So chic Apple's new eye-catcher

Kuo also adds that all 2019 iPhones will come with an improved Face ID facial recognition camera.

Both are handsome, but I prefer the smaller iPad Pro. It also can be used for Apple Pay, to gain access to secure apps and enable Animoji and Memoji. It doesn't have the same stunning effect you get from an OLED display, such as you'll find on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, and given the high price the new iPad Pro commands, not having the best screen technology irks. Software is not your calling.

The news comes hours after Apple unveiled its new iPad Pro, featuring upgraded hardware and wireless charging for the new Apple Pencil. It is magnetically attached to the iPad.

But it's not just the iPad Pro that has loads of magnets, the Smart Keyboard Folio also has dozens magnets, not only to line-up with the iPad, but so that it sticks to itself when folded. The Air moniker is just a name, it doesn't mean anything to Apple outside how much you'll pay to buy something with that word printed on it. "It is a lot more stable than the previous Smart Keyboard". It'll be interesting to see whether the Pencil becomes part of my daily workflow, now it is something I can rely on. The primary reason the 2019 iPhone 11 won't get this feature is that it won't create the "revolutionary AR experience" that Apple wants to create. Don't hate the player, hate capitalism. The accessory is compatible with both the new iPad Pro variants and will be available in matching gray and silver colors. Yes, real Photoshop is coming. The iOS 12.1 device with 6GB of RAM delivers a headlining single core score of 5030, and a multi-core score of 17995. At least when it comes to folks who want to use it for work.

Multitasking was always going to be hard to introduce to a platform that purposely ignored the concept for almost a decade. Compare this to a recent benchmark of a Razer Blade Stealth with 4C/8T Intel Core i7-8550U at 4217 and 12233 respectively, or an Apple MacBook Pro with 6C/12T Intel Core i9-8950HK at 5604 and 23987 respectively.

Arguably the most popular reveal at the showcase, the brand new iPad Pro contains one of the largest ever screens seen on the device. Well, firstly we'd ask you why you'd say something so oddly specific... but then we'd have to tell you: not happening, as Apple has transitioned the iPad Pro to a USB-C connection, as on the Macbook. The tablets (the big one especially with 1TB of storage) can cost a ton of money and they feature several fundamental changes, so more time is needed for definitive conclusions.

The Wrap – November 2, 2018

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