QR.bizNewsKim Jong nam, half-brother of North Korean leader, was a Central Intelligence Agency informant

Kim Jong nam, half-brother of North Korean leader, was a Central Intelligence Agency informant

According to the Journal, the person said Kim Jong Nam had traveled to Malaysia in February 2017 to meet his Central Intelligence Agency contact, although that may not have been the sole goal of the trip.

"I seriously doubt that [we] are going to find out what exactly happened ..." He has described previous letters as "beautiful" and even said they "fell in love".

"Kim Jong Nam became an informant for the CIA, an agency with a track record of trying to bring down dictators it didn't like", she writes.

Kim Jong Nam was killed by VX nerve agent.

Trump told reporters Tuesday that he had just received a "beautiful letter" from the North Korean leader. It is unknown if Kim knew any pertinent details about North Korea, as he had not lived there for many years. Based in the Chinese enclave Macau, he was the oldest son of Kim Jong Il and was thought to be the heir apparent until he went into exile in the early 2000's. He soon earned a reputation as a brutal reformer, cautiously expanding his country's economy and military while at the same time purging a number of high-level officials, many of whom such as his own uncle Jang Song Thaek were close to his father.

Two women, told that they were taking part in a TV prank show, were offered $100 each to smear liquid on the victim's face.

President Donald Trump promised Tuesday not to use Kim Jong Un's family members as intelligence assets, and reassured the North Korean dictator of his commitment to detente.

Some previous South Korean reports of executions in the North have later proved to be unfounded, but Kim has not been mentioned by North Korea's state media since the Hanoi summit, which ended abruptly without an agreement. Relations between the two countries have been historically hostile.

Former US officials reportedly said that Kim Jong Nam most likely did not provide the agency with useful information.

North Korean authorities have been accused of ordering the assassination on Kim Jong-Nam, which they have denied.

A report claims to have mapped the locations Kim's regime has held public executions.

"The president should understand that to keep the nation safe, the CIA needs to be able to do its job gathering and analyzing intelligence that will support the full range of diplomatic, military, and economic policies and initiatives", Jung H. Pak, a former senior US intelligence official who specialized in East Asia and is now with the Brookings Institution think tank, wrote in an email.

Kim Jong-nam was assassinated in February 2017

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