QR.bizNewsIs there a black hole hiding right here in our solar system?

Is there a black hole hiding right here in our solar system?

An astronomical anomaly considered by scientists to point to an as-yet-undiscovered planet may actually be a big black hole lurking deep within our solar system, according to a new theory.

"When you begin interested by extra unique objects, like primordial black holes, you suppose in numerous methods", James Unwin, one of many research's authors and an assistant professor on theoretical particle physics on the College of IL at Chicago, advised Gizmodo.

This intriguing conjecture is presented by physicists Jakub Scholtz with Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology at Durham University and James Unwin, theoretical particle physicist at the University of IL at Chicago, in a paper published on the arXiv preprint server this week challenging the work of Caltech's Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin, who predicted the existence of a ninth planet in the outer solar system in 2016. "We advocate that rather than just looking for it in visible light, maybe look for [Planet Nine] in gamma rays".

Primordial black holes are an unconfirmed but compelling fourth type of black hole posited to have formed one second after the Big Bang, before any stars or galaxies existed to feed them.

In that study, planetary scientists Konstantin Batygin and Michael Brown calculated that Planet Nine's gravitational pull means it could have up to 10 times the mass of Earth.

Scientists have come up with a freakish yet plausible theory possibly explaining the reason behind "Planet Nine" posing an huge difficulty in being found. As the early universe was very dense, it may have been possible for black holes to form not from the collapse of stars but on a much smaller scale.

"Planet Nine could be a five-Earth-mass hamburger", he said. Black holes have dark matter all around them, that suggests that there are signs of annihilation.

A Free Floating World -Planet or Black Hole? A planet with 10 times the mass of the earth in a distant eccentric orbit anti-aligned with the other six objects (orange) is required to maintain this configuration.Caltech/R.

The scientists hope that, while their idea is purely hypothetical, their work will yield valuable results, providing new data on sources of gamma ray flashes in our own solar system and beyond, as well as on dark matter. But the researchers suggest that a planet-mass black hole would have a halo of dark matter around it, which could stretch up to 1 billion kilometers from its center.

The research, posted on arXiv, a repository for studies that have not yet been peer-reviewed, suggests that whatever celestial object that's heavily altering the paths of ice chunks in the farthest part of the solar system doesn't necessarily have to be a planet, even if it may be the most likely option.

In favor of the fact that this is actually not a planet, a black hole, say features iskrevlenie light passing through the area of its intended location.

'Planet Nine' may actually be a black hole

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