QR.bizNewsIndia locates missing Moon lander

India locates missing Moon lander

Lots of devotees took part in the prayers and worshipped so that contact could be established with the lander and the orbiter provided useful inputs, he said.

Sources said an ISRO team is trying to see if they can reorient the antennas of the lander in such a way that communication can be restored.

Vikram, which encases rover "Pragyan", went incommunicado when it was just 2.1km away from the lunar surface.

Scores of fake Twitter accounts of Sivan had emerged on September 7-8, shortly after his popularity peaked due to the Chandrayaan 2 mission.

The space agency said last week it would try to re-establish communication with Vikram for 14 days, which is the mission life of the lander. "If different components of the lander can work as expected, if ISRO confirms that it remains unbroken and intact, that is a success in the true sense", Duari, who is also director of M P Birla Planetarium, here said. "This was a unique mission which aimed at studying not just one area of the Moon but all the areas combining the exosphere, the surface as well as the sub-surface of the moon in a single mission", the statement read.

The prayers included "abishekam" (celestial bath), which was performed with several items, including honey and sandal paste and followed by a community feast (Annadhanam), a temple official said on Tuesday.

On September 6, the spacecraft was scheduled to have a soft landing in the Moon's south pole region.

Chandrayaan-2's 27-kg rover is a six-wheeled robotic vehicle named Pragyan, which translates to "wisdom" in Sanskrit, and is housed inside the lander. Up to (lunar) orbit insertion, we did not have any flaw.

India is also preparing Gaganyaan, its first manned space mission, and wants to land a probe on Mars.

The space agency also said, the precise launch and mission management has ensured a long life of nearly seven years instead of the planned one year for the orbiter.

Vikram lander

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