QR.bizNews'I don't think science knows': Donald Trump questions climate change

'I don't think science knows': Donald Trump questions climate change

His Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, made a speech in DE in which he declared the fires and recent extreme weather underscore an urgent need to address climate change.

Trump is set to arrive late morning in McClellan Park, where heads of California's emergency services will brief him on the fires. The state's outsized influence over automobile sales has traditionally pushed automakers to adopt the California rules as their national standard.

To that end, Biden in his address did not wade into political and policy disagreements among Democrats, progressive activists and even some Republicans who acknowledge the climate crisis. In California, 24 people have died, and one person was killed in Washington state. "They become really like a matchstick. and they just explode", Trump told reporters ahead of the roundtable discussion.

In the past, he has blamed the region's wildfires on poor forest management. After the publication of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report concluded climate change would hurt the economy, Trump said he read it but didn't believe it. "Something has happened to the plumbing of the world and we come from a perspective, humbly, that we assert the science that climate change is real".

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti accused Trump of perpetuating a lie that only forest management can curtail the massive fires seen in recent years. Vehicle and truck emissions are the single biggest contributor to climate change, and California has always been empowered to set its own rules.

Trump's administration has encouraged looser regulation of oil, gas and coal industries, and de-emphasized efforts to harden communities, infrastructure and government sites against worsening natural disasters under climate change.

Washington's governor called climate change a "blowtorch over our states".

President Trump on Monday continued dismissing climate change as a cause behind the raging wildfires across several West Coast states by making an absurd suggestion in his attempt to bolster his argument that lack of "forest management" is to blame for the ongoing devastation.

Most of the fatalities have occurred in California and OR, with emergency services in the two states recording 34 deaths.

More than 30,000 firefighters are battling the blazes, with officials warning that improved weather could end Monday as windier conditions return. All of the state's forests are classified as being in "extreme fire danger".

Two new deaths were confirmed from the North Complex Fire, which swept at unprecedented speeds this week into areas already ravaged less than two years ago by the Camp Fire - California's deadliest ever blaze. Forestry officials have said that years of policies created to suppress as many fires as possible have allowed fuel to accumulate in forests across the West.

Drone footage showed hundreds of homes reduced to ashes in the southern OR communities of Phoenix and Talent, around 8 km south of Medford last week, after a wind-driven firestorm raced north, blowing embers into trailer parks and residential subdivisions.

"When I came around the bend, everything was on fire - an entire hillside".

"A lot of good work has been completed in the last few days, and we're going to continue to strive to connect all the dots and get this mopped up as soon as possible", said Cal Fire Night Operation Chief Monty Smith.

Wildfires across Oregon, California and Washington state have destroyed thousands of homes and a half dozen small towns since August, scorching more than 1.6 million hectares and killing more than two dozen people.

Near the Beachie Creek Fire, east of the OR capital Salem, police had set up multiple roadblocks on Sunday. Long lines of cars stretched in front of them, waiting in the thick fog to pass through.

"We went back to Mill City this morning, but police advised us not to as it is risky", resident Elaina Early told AFP.

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