QR.bizNewsHundreds gather in Victoria to protest verdict in Indigenous shooting death

Hundreds gather in Victoria to protest verdict in Indigenous shooting death

But Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe warned people to be careful.

Kurt Littlewood, who was at the Edmonton rally, noted the tragedy of the shooting goes back further than the incident on Stanley's farm, and that he feels some sympathy for the man. Kautz has since stepped down from the council.

A rally held at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto on Saturday saw dozens gather in solidarity for Boushie's family, while Indigenous leaders spoke about injustices against the community.

Both Langdon and Yerxa said they hope the vigils will provide some form of comfort to the Boushie family by letting them know that there are people who care about them and Colten right across the country. "Right to Justin Trudeau", Alvin said.

"If we are making progress, why would it have exploded so much when he got shot?" asked Boushie's cousin Jade Tootoosis.

Boushie was from the Red Pheasant Cree Nation in Saskatchewan.

"The under-representation of Indigenous jurors is an issue in several provinces and it is a reality I find concerning, " Wilson-Raybould said in a statement.

Many supporters of Bushie and his family are frustrated there were no Indigenous members of the jury.

"Love brought me out today", she said.

- Jesse Wente (@jessewente) February 10, 2018if canada were to admit that gerald stanley - a white settler farmer - killing a young nêhiyaw man is "murder", they would have to admit their nation is founded on genocide. this is what colonialism is.it is murder. "And that's why I'm here", she told CP in Ottawa.

The area is also an outlier on crime.

The atmosphere was particularly charged at a rally in North Battleford, where the victim's mother delivered an angry, defiant address near the courthouse where the verdict was delivered the night before.

While accounts vary, a friend of Boushie's in the vehicle that day said Stanley retrieved a gun from inside his shop and then shot Boushie in the head, CBC reported.

Last year, an association of rural municipalities in Saskatchewan approved a resolution asking the federal government to expand self-defense laws. For Yerxa, justice can only look like the end of justifying the deaths of Indigenous people.

The SUV driver testified the group had been drinking during the day and tried to break into a truck on a neighbouring farm, but went to the Stanley property in search of help with a flat tire.

"It's a bad feeling to hear not guilty", he told reporters outside the court.

Boushie's family has vowed to appeal the verdict.

The police force declined to comment. He said he was trying to turn off the engine of the auto the men were driving while holding the pistol when the fatal bullet fired in what he testified was a complete surprise.

The defence argued that Stanley didn't pull the trigger, and that the incident was a freak accident. "We must advocate for change and the only way we can do that is to come together like this", Dumas said.

Gerald Stanley

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