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How To: Check Password Security, Breaches With Chrome Password Checkup

So users will need to enter the "passwords.google.com" URL in the address bar and then hit enter.

Beginning Thursday, Password Checkup is launching in the Password Manager section of users' Google Accounts to let them run a scan on their credentials with one click - no need to download the extension at all. It appears Google is closely integrating the much-needed feature to its own Password Manager, which is essentially a virtual storehouse for user passwords.

This is partially an effort to combat the use of weak passwords. When you select the "Check passwords" button, the Password Checkup tool will analyze your saved passwords and tells you if any of your passwords have been compromised in a third-party breach, how many reused passwords you are using, and which passwords are considered weak.

It's now baking its Password Checkup Chrome extension, which it launched earlier this year, right into Google account controls. Because that isn't always the case, Password Checkup is created to give users a way to manually check for more individualized breaches. To boot, it'll also work in tandem with password managers you may already use.

The Google account password manager now includes Password Checkup within its webpage.

Here is where they'll be able to see a list of all the passwords they've ever saved in Chrome, and also access the new Password Checkup feature.

Online accounts are all interconnected through thin wires - namely usernames and passwords. It allows bad actors to gain access to one account and then use the password to log into other accounts. Google says the extension has been downloaded more than one million times, with almost half of those users receiving a warning that their password was compromised.

Additionally, Google's Password Checkup can also caution users if they are using weak passwords that are easy to guess.

And last, the new feature can recommend what passwords need to be strengthened in order to make sure compromising accounts is more hard for malicious actors. So users will want their log-in credentials and, if two-factor authentication is set up, a device nearby to verify the login.

Between climate change, government corruption, gender inequality, and Brexit, who has the time or energy to think up unique digital passwords?

Google has announced Password Checkup for its Password Manager

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