QR.bizNewsGreta Thunberg Addresses Climate Change & Trump at World Economic Forum in Davos

Greta Thunberg Addresses Climate Change & Trump at World Economic Forum in Davos

Trump said the USA would join an initiative to plant a trillion trees, but spent several minutes of his speech hailing the economic importance of the oil and gas industries.

"I would love to sit in the front row and stare at their corrupt faces", Trump said, before chiding Phillips for her following up by saying "don't keep talking because you may convince me to do it".

US President Donald Trump has set a presidential record for activity on Twitter.

"Pretty much nothing has been done", Thunberg lamented at a World Economic Forum event on climate change.

But he recommended that Thunberg "start working on those other countries", asserting that the United States, which withdrew from the Paris climate accord in 2017, is doing its part to combat climate change. "And then I want you to act".

And Thunberg will not give up her fight for a better planet.

"What good is all the extra wealth in the world, gained from "business as usual", if you can do nothing with it except watch it burn in catastrophic conditions?" said Charles, who was at Davos to launch a Sustainable Markets Initiative that aims to find ways to decarbonise the global economy. I've been repeating these numbers over and over again in nearly every speech.

"The science and voice of young people is not the centre of the conversation, but it needs to be".

They also include South African climate activist Ayakha Melithafa, 17, and Canadian Autum Peltier, who has been advocating for water conservation since she was eight.

Late previous year, the Trump administration began pulling the USA out of the landmark 2015 Paris climate agreement signed by almost 200 nations.

And when asked if he thought climate change was a hoax, Trump responded: "No, not at all". "But I assure you, I will continue to repeat these numbers until you do".

"If our neighbours and allies remain at odds, our sovereignty is not respected and our lands are used as a battlefield, then we can not hope to achieve our own change agenda", he said.

Trump's speech was met with silence by the crowd, and on-site criticism was provided by the economist Joseph Stiglitz, who reportedly passed out a fact sheet outside the hall challenging Trump's economic claims.

"We are already seeing some tentative signs of stabilisation but we have not reached a turning point yet", said International Monetary Fund chief Kristalina Georgieva.

Speaking to reporters during a press conference with Salih on Wednesday, Trump said the United States and Iraq had "a very good relationship" and said the number of American troops in the country was "historically low". "We never had a consumer that was taking in, through - different means, over $10,000 a family", he said. The feds say the student, Mohammad Shahab Dehghani Hossein Abadi, was already on his plane out of the country at the time the emergency order to stay his removal was issued.

"To every business looking for a place to succeed - there is no better place than the U.S.".

Trump went through a list of what he celebrated as victories for middle class workers and companies, including the first phase of a trade deal with China and the Senate's approval of a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.

Mr Trump also took his biggest swipe yet at the Federal Reserve, whose policies he believes are holding back the USA economy. The effects are clear but they are still too uncomfortable for you to address.

US President Donald Trump delivers the opening remarks at the World Economic Forum

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