QR.bizNewsGoogle Assistant is about to get way better for frequent travelers

Google Assistant is about to get way better for frequent travelers

Today's update includes new features such as flight check-ins, hotel booking, a new language interpreter mode, and the extension of Assistant on the lock screen to all Android phones. The Google Assistant also had a number of announcements, including Google Assistant Connect, which is a new platform aimed at getting the Assistant into more products.

"By bringing the best of Google services and AI to the Assistant, we're focused on building the most helpful digital assistant when you're at home, in your auto or on the go", he said. For example, if we say "OK Google, be my French interpreter" you can get spoken and written translations (on smart screens) in real time. That way users can share ETA, reply to text messages and play music without closing the navigation window. "Soon, you'll be able to check in to your flight (starting first with domestic flights with United Airlines), save and retrieve your boarding pass, all with the Google Assistant on Android or iOS", Google added. If they plan to stay at a particular hotel or motel, they can book a room using Google Assistant. The will be rolled out to all Android users in the coming weeks.

CES 2019 has come to an end.

The Consumer Electronics Show has only just begun and still has a long way to go before it is curtains on January 11 and one can not wait to see Google's pending announcements in the next few days of the show. This feature will make sure that apps do not act up, accounting for a seamless transition from the fixed or traditional displays to a more immersive layout.

Just a day after announcing that Google Assistant is nearly on a billion devices, Google is launching a new toolkit for developers that will help it get Assistant on more devices. "We're also adding support for Google Keep, Any.do, Bring! and Todoist, when you want to keep track of your itinerary with notes and lists in the Google Assistant", Google said. It's part of a big promotional booth for the Google Assistant, which is the thing that talks back to you when you talk to your phone or Google home. Domestic passengers in the USA can say, "Hey Google, check in to my flight" on Android or iOS and Assistant will take care of the necessary steps.

In the video below we get to have a look at the design of the Samsung Bots and also some of their features.

Whirlpool previewed its new KitchenAid Smart Display with the Google Assistant at CES. There is no word on when either of the feature will be released for the worldwide consumers.

CES 2019 New Interpreter Mode On Google Assistance Will Support Around 27 Languages

Mobile wallet Ipaymu and QR codes increase sales in Indonesia

Nowadays the majority of payment transactions in Indonesia are conducted by means of cash. However, modern technical solutions soon will be able to change this situation. Recently an e-wallet Ipaymu was introduced to citizens of the country, which will help to draw attention of smartphone users with the possibility to make mobile payments by means of QR technologies and will probably increase the popularity of cashless payments.

QR codes are used for medical purposes

QR codes have gained popularity around the world. They are used in all spheres of a human activity, helping him to get quick access to the information of his interest, for convenience of making purchases and payment of bank receipts.

New opportunities with the mobile wallet of FIS based on QR codes

Mobile payments become popular around the world. Many banks and financial institutions create special applications for smartphones due to which clients can make transactions by means of their mobile devices.

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