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Fornite Battle Royale iOS Version Signups Are Live

In a new post on its website, Epic reaffirmed that Microsoft has been at the forefront when it comes to supporting cross-play.

Multi-platform play has been the go to for many game franchises, and has worked out fine.

Sadly, there was no mention of Xbox One - PS4 cross-play suggesting that Sony is still maintaining its stance against cross-play between the two platforms. Vitally they rolled the game out not just for PCs, which was the only option for PUBG players, but also for Xbox One and PS4. Once you do so you will be receiving an e-mail confirmation such as the one below.

The popular game, already available on a number of platforms, has now been released for iOS mobile users. Mobile devices will be receiving the same maps, same weekly content, and the same gameplay as all the other platforms.

The Fortnite Invite Event page is live, but the links are not working yet.

The game has amassed millions upon millions of players, stream views, and several highly-intensive, professional competitions.

This mobile invite event is now only available for iOS users and it is unknown how many users will be selected, whether the selection is via lottery, or if it is first come first serve.

When is Fortnite Battle Royale be released on mobile?

If by some incredible fluke you're able to actually register be warned, Fortnite is a fully-fledged video game so it won't just run on any old Apple device.

"Thanks for your patience!"

In this sense, those who will take advantage of this function will be those of PC, Mac, iOS and Android, being able to share all the data, purchases and any progress we make with our account in any of the mentioned systems. Hell you can't buy GPUs anyway, so maybe the future of fast action first person shooter gaming is iOS-bound? ACK!

Paul Tassi, a contributing writer at Forbes, has spoken to Epic Games and received the disappointing news that none of us will be getting our codes on the day that we had hoped for. While both companies are willing to cross-play with the PC format, in games such as Street Fighter V, Minecraft and Killer Instinct.

Xbox One Fortnite: Battle Royale Will Support Cross-Play Between PC, Mac, iOS and Android

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