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Facebook launches 'Threads' app woven into Instagram

The Threads app opens directly to a camera - something Snapchat has touted as its advantage in image-based messaging. But if you're willing to give Instagram access to a ton of data, the app can automatically create a cute emoji status for you with a feature called "Auto Status". The company is pitching it as the "camera-first" messaging app through which you can stay in touch with limited friends from Instagram.

Facebook introduced Close Friends previous year, a feature used for sharing more personal moments with a select group of people you choose.

According to Facebook, the new app offers a brand new way to communicate and share photos and videos with close friends in a private space. Threads is just an extension and more immersive messaging experience for those who want it. The app, called Threads is aimed at connecting users to those in their close friends list faster.

Select an auto status: This feature uses your location to determine what you are doing and posts this as your current status. Users can still edit their close friends list on Threads.

Facebook-owned Instagram has launched a new standalone app for you to download and try immediately. The new app is aimed at interacting with close friends on Instagram. The new Threads app has started rolling out and it may take some time to reach all the users around the globe.

Quite like Instagram, Twitter lets you hide your tweets from the world - this means they'll only be visible to your existing followers and won't show up in searches. But, I believe that Threads is focused more on the younger audience, and I may just be too old to understand it. Threads is being pitched as a camera-focused messaging app designed for chatting with close friends.

Instagram Threads is essentially an extension of Instagram Direct: Instagram's DM feature. Given Instagram and Facebook's recent focus on privacy, fostering community, and mental health, the company chose to brake this feature off into its own app with its own Inbox and notifications. While auto status is opt-in, there may be some privacy concerns involved. For Instagram users who have not previously set up a Close Friends list, they can build one in the Threads app after downloading it. Studying, On The Move, etc. Instagram have noted that they've created Threads easily of access and speed in mind, with added shortcuts and minimal tapping in play.

Instagram's new Threads app is just for messaging your close friends

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