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Extinction Rebellion day of protest kicks off

In climate news, scores of people have been arrested in civil disobedience actions as the group Extinction Rebellion kicked off two weeks of protests in 60 cities around the globe demanding urgent action on the climate crisis. "They're just gathered in the park in a smallish group".

A climate change protester is arrested outside the Home Office in London, Tuesday, Oct. 8, 2019. Both groups of protesters formed a line across the road.

The co-ordinated protests by Extinction Rebellion are meant to highlight the climate emergency we are now facing, with the group demanding more action from the government to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025.

Extinction Rebellion wants to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2025.

The Calgary activists planned to communicate with motorists directly and to offer Timbits "in the spirit of goodwill", Kubrin said. With outreach efforts now underway, he expects the group's membership to grow.

He said the matter was handled relatively quickly when compared to protests in other cities that lasted for hours.

Earlier in the day, traffic cameras showed several dozen demonstrators marching in the lanes of the bridge, one of three spans into the city's downtown core.

A Current Affair arranged for Sally to drive through the blockade with a police escort, however, that didn't stop one activist from stepping in front of the vehicle, prompting an angry response from the grieving woman.

Protester Elle van Zeeland told Dutch broadcaster NOS that the group is "staying here until the government meets its obligations".

"Somehow this is all supposed to be in the name of environment, but hundreds of cars are now idling unnecessarily as they wait", he wrote.

On Monday, activists with the movement stopped traffic in European cities and smeared themselves and emblems of Wall Street in fake blood and lay in NY streets.

The protest started at 10 a.m. EDT, marking the beginning of a two-week, worldwide call to action concerning climate change, an issue that is becoming a political linchpin around the world.

Founded in Britain a year ago, the movement, also known as XR, now has chapters in some 50 countries.

Others included comedian Ruby Wax, model Daisy Lowe and actor Juliet Stevenson - who said she was glad to see so much engagement from young people, adding her own son was also involved in the protests and part of Extinction Rebellion.

Climate protest by Extinction Rebellion on Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam 7 October 2019

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