QR.bizNewsDonald Trump renews attack on climate activist Greta Thunberg with retweet

Donald Trump renews attack on climate activist Greta Thunberg with retweet

Thunberg drew worldwide attention at last week's United Nations General Assembly when she criticized world leaders for not taking climate change seriously.

After her speech at the UN, Trump mocked her tone on Twitter, saying she "seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future". The 16-year-old arrived in the U.S.at the end of August, ahead of the United Nations climate summit. All over the world, indigenous people are fighting climate change very publicly, she said, so she was glad for Thunberg's shoutout.

"I'm sure Greta is a kind girl and very honest", Vladimir Putin had said. So nice to see! She responded by changing her Twitter profile using the same expression.

Ms Thunberg said the two presidents' mockery of children showed her message had become "too loud to handle".

At a recent energy forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin brought up Thunberg's speech, stating that he didn't feel as excited about the speech as everyone else was.

She and Trump also shared a brief but memorable moment at the summit when Thunberg gave him an apparently icy stare that was caught on video.

Greta Thunberg took the world by storm and nobody saw it coming.

Greta was thrust into the limelight past year, when she began her lone protest outside the Swedish parliament to demand robust measures against global warming and an environmental crisis. "It's very arduous to get used to", she admitted, "however it's one thing I've to do and I can't actually complain".

We're all culpable, from those of us who unthinkingly buy drinks in plastic bottles and promptly dump them after use instead of re-using them, to big business that mines the earth for fossil fuels. "We are emboldened. And we say, no more excuses", Student Climate Strike Iowa City, which organized the visit, said on Twitter ahead of the event.

She stated the protests will possibly continue for "years", despite the truth that Thunberg and other native weather replace activists, along with many within the United States Congress, grasp stated ultimate 11 years remain sooner than irreversible catastrophe.

‘Modern world is complex, I don’t share the excitement about Greta Thunberg speech’: Vladimir Putin

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