QR.bizNewsDemocrats focus day 2 of trial on Trump's 'dangerous' abuse

Democrats focus day 2 of trial on Trump's 'dangerous' abuse

The Republican president accused Democrats from the House of Representatives of making a case for his impeachment to the Senate that was "loaded with lies and misrepresentations".

As House impeachment managers wrap up their opening arguments, an Oklahoma senator is speaking about the impeachment process so far.

The House impeachment managers were to close out their case late Friday, opening the way for Trump's defence to take the floor in the Senate for three days, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, to argue for acquittal in only the third impeachment trial of a USA president in history. "Hear he!" But most appear to be expecting the inevitable conclusion that the Republican majority will acquit the president and the USA politicians - and the political junkies gripped by this sometimes stupefying spectacle - can start worrying about Trump's re-election campaign.

White House counsel Pat Cipollone began presenting opening arguments at an extraordinary weekend session of the 100-member Senate, which will decide whether the 45th USA president should be removed from office.

Sen. Mike Braun, a Republican from IN, also said Thursday afternoon that the House managers' case has been very thorough and said he has "really paid close attention" throughout the proceedings.

"He may have planted the first seed in their minds that, yes, maybe the president did something very wrong here", he added.

Sekulow, Trump's attorney, said Friday the defense team will speak for about three hours Saturday to lay out "coming attractions" for the trial when it resumes again on Monday.

Given the gravity of the allegations against Trump, every Republican senator should be willing to hear those and other witnesses, and to gather evidence early enough to weigh it appropriately. They had their chance, but pretended to rush.

"I haven't heard much new". "He wrote in a tweet".

He is nearly certain to be acquitted by the 100-member Senate, where a two-thirds majority of those present is needed to remove him from office.

Who are the house administrators?

Many have complained that Schiff and other prosecuting lawmakers, known as managers in the trial, had presented a repetitive and unconvincing case against Trump. The president's lawyers have 24 hours over three days, though they've signaled they may not take all of their time.

What evidence has come out since Trump was charged?


The proceedings are unfolding at the start of an election year and there are few signs that Republican are interested in calling more witnesses or going beyond a fast-track assessment to bring a quick vote on charges related to Mr Trump's dealings with Ukraine.

Trump then went on a Twitter tear, firing off a record number of tweets and retweets in a single day of his presidency - 150 as of 10:30 pm.

Emails and media reports that shed more light on the machinations surrounding the retained aid. Manchin said witnesses will lend to a fair trial.

After discussions, senators will have 16 hours to ask questions, submitted in writing. We spend a lot of effort and a lot of time.' But they stopped there.

Schiff appealed to the Senate's 100 members to put aside partisanship in deciding Trump's fate, interspersing his remarks with video of House inquiry testimony and clips of the president's own words.

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	 		Impeachment trial not ready for broadcast prime time				Jan 25 2020

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