QR.bizNewsDeath toll from Japan floods rise, dozens still missing

Death toll from Japan floods rise, dozens still missing

Thousands of people remain in shelters after authorities issued evacuation orders for as many of five million residents, and local authorities in some areas were offering drinking water and bathing services for those in homes without their own supply.

In western Japan, local municipalities have said that as of Wednesday morning, there were more than 7,200 people taking shelter at emergency shelters across 15 prefectures. The trip would have taken him to Belgium, France, Saudi Arabia and Egypt from Wednesday.

Roughly 800 homes, mostly in Hiroshima Prefecture, suffered power outages after power substations were flooded, while some people in the cities of Fukuyama and Higashihiroshima were instructed to evacuate as reservoirs were feared to burst.

A further 3.1million more were advised to leave.

"I can't go back if I wanted to", the 66-year-old retired Self-Defence serviceman said, holding a bird cage, in which the birds chirped as he spoke.

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned Sunday that rescue workers faced a "race against time" to reach people who remained trapped.

"It has been three days".

Later he told reporters the government would do everything it could to help the survivors.

Hillsides gave way under the weight of water, with deadly landslides crushing wooden houses and erasing roads. The government mobilised 75,000 troops and emergency workers and almost 80 helicopters for the search and rescue effort, Mr Suga said.

In the city of Kurashiki in Okayama Prefecture, Teruo Sasai, whose house, along with almost a dozen others in his neighborhood, was flooded out, and described the destruction "unbelievable".

The nose of a white vehicle was just visible underneath the entire top floor of one home that had been torn from the rest of a building and swept down a hillside.

In Kurashiki, the receding floods have left a layer of silt on everything that was underwater.

"Bottled water and bottled tea are all gone from convenience stores and other shops", the 23-year-old nursery school worker said at an emergency water supply station.

"Hiroshima prefecture is normally blessed with mild weather and has few natural disasters so people here have never experienced a situation like this".

However, experts say many homes in Japan were built in risky areas before the 2001 requirement to distribute hazard maps.

Although evacuation orders were scaled back from the weekend, almost 2 million people still face orders or advice to keep away from homes, fire and disaster officials said.

In the town of Mihara, roads were transformed into muddy rivers, with dirt piled up on either side as flood water gushed around the wheels of stranded cars.

"Food is in short supply", a resident of Okayama told BBC.

A number of the dead in Mabi were found in their homes, suggesting they did not have enough time to flee, media reports said.

"I felt helpless", she said, retrieving a photo of her children playing baseball.

"I'm anxious there could be a significant impact on production, consumption and tourism", Toshiro Miyashita, Bank of Japan's Fukuoka branch manager, who oversees the Kyushu region, told a news conference.

Japan floods leave at least 64 people dead and scores missing

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