QR.bizNewsChanning Tatum Rekindles Romance With Jessie J Hours After Settling Divorce

Channing Tatum Rekindles Romance With Jessie J Hours After Settling Divorce

Channing Tatum not so discreetly disses his ex-wife, Jenna Dewan, after replying to a fan on Instagram on January 24, 2019! "Horns out!" he captioned the cute picture.

39-year-old Magic Mike star Channing has taken the ultimate step to announce that he's back with 31-year-old singer Jessie by posting a photo of them on Instagram.

"Hey Alex i don't often tackle shit like this".

Hollywood star Channing Tatum has snapped back at a thoughtless fan who criticised his relationship with Jessie J.

The two, who separated in December 2019 after a year of dating, seemed to be every inch of the couple, with Tatum massaging Jessie's shoulders in one shot and laughing at a face that made her in another. He continued, "why don't you severely take into consideration what your [sic] doing. Then we'll get it out!" "It's hurtful and I ain't about it".

"If you can't not be a awful hateful person on my page and support the infinite and untouchable beauty and woman that Jess is. please kindly get TF out of here". No one wants you here.

While the lovebirds, who recently got back together after a brief separation, looked adorable instantly, one of his followers chose to mention his ex-wife Jenna in the comments section. "And ain't no physique extra lovely and exquisite to have a look at however much more as a human than Jess". Sorry for your opinion. But what I said is facts. Ok, bye bye Be careful with your actions is what you create for yourself.

Channing recently responded to a comment on his Instagram post of himself and Jessie regarding Jenna. Beauty isn't measurable. It's in the eye of the beholder. So while all of you, infinitely handsome people, pour over these words and try to find shit. "I'm gonna be enjoying my [expletive] night with my gorgeous lady and cuddle up in her lovely heart". "I'm gonna be enjoying my MF night with my gorgeous lady and cuddle up in her lovely heart".

The relationship has been on an upward trend since then, and the source claims: "Jessie has lived with Channing last week and is in a mess".

Channing Tatum and Jessie J

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