QR.bizNewsCat 5 hurricane unprecedented for being so far north, east

Cat 5 hurricane unprecedented for being so far north, east

It said fluctuations in intensity are possible with a weakening forecast set to begin Sunday night.

It was located 1,360 miles southwest of the Azores islands moving north at 10 mph. In their latest forecast, they said: "On Thursday, Lorenzo, now predicted to be a tropical storm at this stage, is likely to be in the vicinity".

Northern Ireland Weather & Flood Advisory Service (NIWFAS) last night branded Hurricane Lorenzo as "the strongest storm ever recorded in this part of the ocean".

Waves from the large storm have spread across much of the north Atlantic, the hurricane center said.

Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 80 miles from the center of the storm, while tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 275 miles.

As meteorologist Yaakov Cantor mentioned last Thursday, there have been a number of unusual eastern Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms in recent years, including Leslie nearly making it to Portugal as a hurricane in 2018 and a freakish January strike from Hurricane Alex in the Azores.

The forecaster said the storm winds are estimated to be 90kts on Monday while Hurricane and Tropical Storm Watches are in effect for the Azores, and Hurricane and Tropical Storm Warnings could be required later today for those islands.

The hurricane is now in the middle of the Atlantic heading west - away from the UK.

The storm is heading to the north-northeast at around 16km per hour, and is on track to hit or pass by the Azores.

Met Éireann says it is "closely monitoring" the progress of Lorenzo in the south Atlantic.

Lorenzo's large surf will affect parts of the northeastern coast of South America and the Lesser Antilles.

The latest US National Hurricane Centre forecast shows the hurricane bending gradually towards Ireland, but with a margin of uncertainty around its track.

"It will become milder due to the influence of the tropical origin air".

Lorenzo now boasts wind speeds of more than 260kph.

Hurricane Lorenzo in Eastern Atlantic: Path, Forecast of Historic Storm

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