QR.bizNewsCan Huawei’s Harmony operating system topple Google Android?

Can Huawei’s Harmony operating system topple Google Android?

The TVs will be the first devices released to run the operating system, which was announced shortly before the TVs.

Google is slowly beginning to open up about its next-generation operating system which will take Huawei HarmonyOS head on.

Huawei said that for now it would stick to using Google's Android for smartphones, and the new software will be gradually rolled out to support devices such as smartwatches, speakers and virtual reality gadgets.

He noted that "it is not necessarily a bad thing" for Huawei if Washington continues forcing the company to cut ties with United States firms. CEO of Huawei has disclosed the news about the Android Replacement of the OS. Equipped with three Huawei self-developed intelligent chipsets-the Honghu 818 Intelligent Display Chipset, an AI Camera NPU chipset and a flagship-level Wi-Fi chipset, HONOR Vision is also the world's first smart screen device to carry Huawei's self-developed HarmonyOS. You can develop your apps once, then flexibly deploy them across a range of different devices.

The long-rumoured and much anticipated first-party OS from Huawei is now official.

Finally, Huawei revealed its scheme, which could assist protect the smartphone manufacturer against the escalating US-China trade war. (I will refer to this software as Harmony OS in this article.) The company apparently started from the Android Open Source Platform (AOSP) that everyone can get for free, and is developing Harmony as an alternative to Google's full-fledged Android in a project dubbed Plan B. The highly-anticipated software is considered crucial for the tech group's survival as it confronts a looming White House ban on U.S. companies selling technology products to Huawei which could end its access to Google's Android operating system.

Basically, HarmonyOS is the company's plan B - though whether or not they'd look to migrate older handsets over from Android to HarmonyOS or only focus on future products remains an unknown.

Unlike the well-known Android OS, HarmonyOS is a microkernel-based, distributed operating system that is touted to deliver a smooth experience across all scenarios. As we've already mentioned, the Harmony OS aka Hongmeng OS in China isn't only intended for smartphones. But Android is still Huawei's preferred choice for handsets, given the status-quo ecosystem. It's still empty. Despite being an ecosystem, its lack of applications makes it inferior to Android's Google Play Store which provides consumers with more than 2.5 million downloadable applications.

However, as easy as Yu made it seem, such switch or transition is not a walk in the park as the HarmonyOS is believed to be created differently from that of a smartphone's Operating System.

Harmony OS

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