QR.bizNewsBushfire Smoke Is About To Drift Over Australia After Travelling Around World

Bushfire Smoke Is About To Drift Over Australia After Travelling Around World

These periods carry a high risk of fire because of a combination of low rainfall, low humidity, high temperatures, and frequent high winds, although anomalies have been observed in certain regions.

Academics and climate scientists say 26 per cent is a lowball reductions target especially if, as planned, Australia uses its old carbon credits from the 1992 Kyoto Protocol - another sore point for activists.

The catastrophic rating was added after the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria because conditions experienced had never been seen before and exceeded measurements available.

"This catastrophic category has occurred in the past few days and weeks, but even below that, many areas have been classified as serious and extreme", said Professor Betts.

The rate of deliberately lit fires reportedly escalated during the Australian school holidays. Experts, natural causes of forest fires due to the effects of global warming cannot be extinguished, he said.

They have been driven by record-breaking hot and dry conditions in many areas of the country, creating the flawless environment for the fires to spread.

But frighteningly, scientists from NASA have explained that the exact same smoke is about to complete a trip around the planet.

To put this into perspective, in 2019, Australia's total emissions from man-made sources past year was roughly 540 million tons. In fact, Australia is now 1.4 degrees warmer than pre-industrial (revolution) conditions. "That's more than the global average".

The whole state is expected to experience "poor" or "very poor" air quality as a result of 19 bushfires, mainly concentrated in the East Gippsland area.

There are reportedly more than 100 fires still burning in New South Wales on Wednesday.

The link between climate change and the intensity of this bushfire season has been a source of debate in politics and sections of the broader community for months.

But the science of the connection between the two is clear.

Overall, the 57 papers reviewed clearly show human-induced warming has already led to a global increase in the frequency and severity of fire weather, increasing the risks of wildfire.

Climate refugees, or environmental migrants, are people forced to abandon their homes because of a change in climate patterns.

media_cameraThe Defense Force has evacuated people from the city of Mallacoota after devastating bush fires.

Australia's Science Minister Karen Andrews told the Sydney Morning Herald in an interview that climate denial was a waste of time, as she echoed Mr Morrison's "adaptation" mantra.

James Murdoch, one of Rupert Murdoch's sons, issued a statement criticizing the conservative approach to the climate change coverage at the family's News Corporation and Fox media operations, suggesting a family rift on the issue. It was established by UEA and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.

New Research Confirms Role of Climate Change in Forest Wildfires

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