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Bug Allowed Google Home Mini Speakers to Record Everything

The Home Mini is set to launch on October 19 and ahead of that official launch, as Google and other manufacturers normally do, the device was placed in the hands of reviewers around the globe.

No paying customers have been affected by the bug, since the Google Home Mini doesn't officially launch until next week.

Google immediately responded, taking away his Home Mini and giving him 2 in exchange. That's a pretty severe privacy violation, but Google says it's pushing out an update to prevent it from happening again. Moreover, these flawed Google Home Mini units were recording every time they were triggering and send the information to Google's servers. Some were listening to everything, recording it all, and transmitting the audio back to Google's servers.

The Home Mini smart speaker is created to respond to commands when it hears the wake phrase "OK Google".

Home assistants that connect to the internet to answer inquiries and parse voice commands are at risk, just like anything else online, of being compromised or being misused by their creators.

On paper, the donut-sized Google Home Mini and premium Apple HomePod-rivaling Google Home Max look pretty sweet, with early reviews consolidating at least the former's position as a very strong Echo Dot contender. As a result, Google has rolled out a software patch that deactivates the touch panel entirely.

We have learned of an issue impacting a small number of Google Home Minis that could cause the touch mechanism to behave incorrectly.

Russakovskii seems happy with Google's response.

If you're still having issues, Google says to contact Google Home Support at 1-855-971-9121 to get a replacement Google Home Mini.

The problem was discovered by Artem Russakovskii from Android Police, who was testing the device. Google will appparently release another software update to fix the issue completely. Pre-ordered Google Home Mini purchases aren't affected. It was here that he noticed the thousands of recordings with timestamps to go along with them.

In the meantime, Google allows users to deactivate any existing Google devices from saving audio recordings via its settings page. The devices basically act as if someone is long-pressing the button to activate Assistant all the time, so they are recording nearly constantly.

Several review units of the Home Mini started recording every sound without notifying the user

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