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Asteroid to make near Earth fly-by

A 2,000-foot-long asteroid, nearly twice the size of the Rose Bowl, will zip safely past Earth on Wednesday at a distance of about 1.1 million miles, about 4.6 times the distance from Earth to the moon. The close flyby is due to take place at 8:24AM ET or 1:24PM BST on Wednesday.

"Although this asteroid doesn't pose a threat to Earth or our neighbors, it's larger and closer to us than any other in over a decade", said WFLA News Channel 8's meteorologist Ian Oliver.

In 2004, 3.1 mile-wide asteroid Toutatis passed within a million miles of Earth.

"The Rock" was discovered in May 2014 by astronomers at the Catalina Sky Survey near Tucson, Arizona.

The next encounter of an asteroid of similar size will occur in 2027 when asteroid 1999 AN10 passes about 236,000 miles from the Earth.

JO25 will not fly this close to Earth again for over 400 years, so don't miss it now. To Christians who have had dreams and visions of an Asteroid hitting the Earth, the reassurance from NASA means nothing.

The asteroid officially known as 2014 JO25 has been nicknamed "The Rock" because of its hefty size.

On the same day, that is April 19, a comet PanSTARSS (C/2015 ER61) will fly pass Earth at a safe distance of 175 million kilometres.

The massive space rock will be making its closest pass to Earth in more than four centuries. The asteroid is visible through a small optical telescope at least two nights before it moves out of range. "The Rock" is said to come within 1.8 million kilometres, or 1.1 million miles, of Earth.

The April 19 encounter will provide an opportunity to study this asteroid.

A mile-wide asteroid will zoom by the Earth today but NASA said there's nothing to fear from the space rock it has dubbed 2014 JO25. Also known as the C/2011 L4, the comet is expected to be visible at dawn with binoculars.

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