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Apple Watch Series 5 launches with always-on display

Apple also unveiled the iPhone 11, a new iPad and smartwatch during a media event Tuesday. There's a new always-on display, which means you don't have to worry about waiting for the screen to flicker back on when you raise your wrist. Using Low-Temperature Polysilicone and Oxide (LPTO) display tech, an ultra-low power display driver, and a new ambient light sensor, the Apple Watch Series 5 can always show your time and complications, or your workout if you're exercising.

Apple says this doesn't impact battery life thanks to brand-new screen technology, so you'll still get all-day, 18 hour battery life. The fifth iteration of Apple's smartwatch starts at $399 for the Global Positioning System only model and $499 for the Global Positioning System and cellular version.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will remain on sale, with a price drop to $199/£199.

During its keynote today, Apple detailed its ongoing research related to the Apple Watch, including the device's ability to help users detect the presence of a condition called AFib.

Users can partake with the upcoming Apple Research app, which is coming to Apple Watches later in the year.

Apple has launched a new version of its popular smartwatch, the Apple Watch Series 5, with an always-on display. The new Watch also will add a compass sensor for improved directions in maps and a new compass app.

Series 5 models will cost $649 for Global Positioning System only, and $799 for LTE.

The company, criticised in recent years for the high costs of its premium iPhones, also revealed the new iPhone 11, which will replace the cheaper iPhone XR. But just as notable were the things that were absent from Apple's keynote presentation, despite many rumors about possible announcements.

Other smartwatches have had always-on displays, but Apple hasn't included the feature due to concerns over battery life. The Apple Watch Series 4 was a big step forward from the previous model, in that it refined its sleek design even further, and introduced a landmark feature in the form of personal ECG (electrocardiogram) readings. All three models are more than capable of monitoring your heartbeat and various sporting activities, but then the Series 4 can also do ECGs (electrocardiograms), while the Series 5 can do everything the older models can, as well as some new stuff, courtesy of watchOS 6. This availability was detailed for the Apple Watch Series 5 GPS model, while the GPS + Cellular model will be up for order in 22 countries and regions on September 20.

Apple Watch Series 5

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