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Apple HomePod Launches With Big Sound-and Even Bigger Questions

Apple has released its next foray into the world of smart home devices, setting the bar for audio performance and ushering users into a more relaxed life, with the HomePod wireless speaker. From this perspective, uninsured Apple users basically get a discount on a like-new HomePod.

The HomePod delivers impeccable sound quality that surpasses that of similar offerings by Google and Sonos, reviewers say. Now that they've missed the chance of competing for sales during the holidays, overall interest in Apple's smart speaker may have continued to die down.

Apple's HomePod is now available in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. There's a lot of stuff about "high-excursion woofers" and "custom seven-tweeter arrays" that we'll spare you, but the real kicker is that it's intelligent enough to adapt the sound according to where you place it in the room and what music you're playing.

Likewise, The Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern said that "HomePod nails the speaker but struggles at smart". Google Assistant is available on all Android and iOS devices, as well as Chromebooks and third-party devices such as headphones. Siri's capacities are limited next to the Google Assistant, as the latter is capable of performing other tasks such as doing Google searches or even answering trivia questions. It should also be able to hand calls and messages off to other Apple products as seamlessly as iOS and macOS devices can. You can ask Siri "what's the weather tomorrow in Toledo, Ohio?"

The Apple HomePod vs. Amazon Echo vs. Google Home battle begins with the artificial intelligence capabilities of the three speakers. But if you want a useful smart assistant as well as the freedom to use whatever service you want, it's best to walk on by. It's cylindrical in shape and slightly less than 7 inches tall, making it about the same size as a Sonos One, but considerably smaller than the Home Max.

From the look of it, Apple sees HomePod mainly as a way to extend the reach of its Apple Music service, not Siri. It will support multiple voice services, launching with Amazon Alexa, but will add Siri using AirPlay 2, and Google Assistant, in 2018. "It was better at hearing me over loud music than my other smart speakers, and very good at hearing me from across rooms with weird echoes", said The Verge's Nilay Patel. With many speakers and sound systems, there is a zone of perfection.

Google Home Max launched this week. Alert Siri and let the HomePod do the work.

Apple stores and retailers such as BestBuy start selling the speaker today. However, coupled with the more than a decent AI functionality that Apple has built into the HomePod, this means that the device becomes an intriguing purchase for consumers, even if it doesn't quite match up to the competition in some departments. "Not even Siri can answer whether that will be possible".

These Home Pod missing features are already frustrating

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