QR.bizNewsApple Glasses to launch in Q2 2020

Apple Glasses to launch in Q2 2020

The A13 features 8.5 billion transistors that give it 20% more performance than Apple's previous mobile chip and, according to the company, put it well ahead of the Snapdragon 855 chip powering most flagship Android phones.

The Apple analyst has also been predicting the arrival of the product in 2020 for a while now, with his sources coming from within Apple's supply chain.

In the latest research note from Ming-Chi Kuo it has been revealed that Apple is planning to launch their new AR headset in the second quarter of 2020.

The AR glasses, which have been rumored for years, will reportedly arrive in the second quarter of 2020.

More recent reports, like today's prediction from Kuo, seem to indicate that the AR headset would be much more akin to an accessory. He recently issued a note suggesting that Apple Glass will be making its debut in the first half of 2020, among other new hardwares. He also mentions that the new iPad Pro models will get a rear-facing 3D time-of-flight sensor.

It's not known yet what price Apple may target for the SE 2 but the original 4-inch iPhone SE which launched in 2016 for the entry-level price of $399 was later reduced to $349. According to his report, next year's iPad Pro will have a 3D-sensing time-of-flight sensor on the back, which could be used for indoor mapping and next-level AR applications.

As already reported, all the devices in 2020 iPhone lineup will come with 5G support for ultra-fast wireless connectivity.

Kuo claims that the new iPad Pro would launch in early 2020, most likely during the first quarter, says a report by MacRumors. This shows that the battery capacity on the Galaxy Note 10+ surpasses what we have on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, though there are differences on the part of displays and, of course, the internals. However, because Apple's rumoured headset would presumably never be very far from its companion iPhone, concerns about ultra-wideband's limited range wouldn't really be an issue.

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