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20 new moons of Saturn discovered

"They play a crucial role in helping us determine how our solar system " s planets formed and evolved", Sheppard continued. As of now, Saturn has 82 moons around it, while Jupiter has only 79.

Each of the newly discovered moons is about five kilometers, or three miles, in diameter. "We have received several requests to name a new moon "Moony McMoonface", Sheppard said". Scientists believe that Saturn may have another hundred small moons.

A contest earlier this year to name five of Jupiter's moons was such a success that it inspired the current contest for Saturn's moons, according to Sheppard.

One of the newly discovered moons orbits in the prograde direction and has an inclination near 36 degrees, which is similar to those in the Gallic group, although it is much farther away from Saturn than any other prograde moons. Researchers believe the moons are the fragments of at least three larger ones, which were broken apart by collisions, according to the BBC.

"It became as soon as stress-free to search out that Saturn is the correct moon king", said astronomer Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution for Science.

"These moons are the remnants of the objects that helped make the planets, so by studying them, we're studying about what the planets fashioned from", Sheppard wrote. Two of the prograde moons require around two years to make a complete orbit of the gas giant, while the remaining 18 moons require more than three years to make a single orbit (our Moon requires 27 days to make a complete orbit around Earth).

Saturn is the sixth planet in the solar system, sitting between the enormous Jupiter and the ice planet Uranus. The far-flung one is the most distant Saturn satellite known and may belong to the "Gallic group". Sheppard and his colleagues suspect there are 100 moons around Saturn larger than one mile in size, "but future larger telescopes will be needed to find these smaller and thus fainter moons". By comparison, Earth's moon orbits about 240,000 miles (386,000 km) from the planet. The Norse group is diverse, but the orbits and inclinations of the newest moons suggest they all originated from the same parent body. The astronomer also noted that 17 of the 20 newly discovered moons orbit Saturn in the opposite direction while the other three orbit the same path that Saturn spins. The initiative has generated a lot of enthusiasm, researchers are now proposing the same thing with the new moons of Saturn. The most extreme of these new moons, designated S5613a2 m, requires 1,413 days, or 5.3 years, to revolve around Saturn, making it the farthest known moon from the gas giant. The outermost group, which includes two of the pro-grade moons, has an orbit angled at 46 degrees and are named after Inuit mythology.

The contest opened Monday, Oct. 7, and could well also poke by December 6.

Two of the newly discovered prograde moons must be named for giants from Inuit mythology. They're all at roughly the same distance from the planet, putting them in the Norse group of moons.

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