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X-fit placed QR codes with video instructions to fitness machines

The popularity of QR codes in Russia grows day by day and now it is possible to see these black and white square symbols not only in countries of Western Europe, Asia and the USA, where they are widely used, but also in all corners of this large country on billboards, magazine pages and advertising leaflets. As a rule, they offer consumers to enter the internet page of the advertiser and learn more about the production or conditions of the bonus campaign.

The management of the federal network of fitness clubs X-fit of the international level in a segment of premium class, which has more than 40 clubs at the territory of Russia, has decided to use advantages of the modern mobile technology for convenience of its clients. Following the successful experience of some foreign fitness centers, it was decided to place stickers with QR codes to a number of fitness machines in sports clubs. Each of such two dimensional barcodes will contain the link to the video instruction on proper use of exercise equipment. This information will be particular useful for sportsmen who only start their trainings.

To watch the video instruction a user will need a modern mobile device with a camera, it can be a smartphone or a tablet. To decode a two dimensional barcode it is necessary to install any mobile application-scanner to the mobile phone with an operating system. Then a user directs a camera of a smartphone to the black and white square symbol and gets an automatic access to the video information.

May people, who look after their health and go to a fitness center, prefer doing exercises independently without trainer’s assistance and make a number of mistakes doing stimulator exercises. The management of fitness clubs X-fit has decided to render support to the starter sportsmen. The experienced fitness instructors have selected a range of exercise machines, which are particularly popular among people, who only start their sport activities, and have placed special stickers with two dimensional barcodes on them. Scanning the image of a QR code, clients of the sport club can watch the correct technique of doing exercise, which fitness instructors demonstrate in the video clip. The video information will help to be aware of peculiarities of how to use fitness machines and how to take starting position to start doing exercise. In such a way, every smartphone owner can understand the specific character of each exercise at any of such fitness machines and increase their effectiveness avoiding typical mistakes.

Professional fitness instructors tell that if a person knows how to take correct starting position and understands how to do a exercise, so the right groups of muscles could work and he regularly visits a fitness club, so he will for certain have good physical form and will feel perfectly well. A QR code on a fitness machine will help to get useful information using which it will be possible to reach the desired goal.

According to the developer of the project Eduard Serebryannikov, to use a video instruction is very simply. It is just enough to direct a camera of a mobile device to the sticker with a QR code at the fitness machine. The better part of clubs of X-fit network is equipped with high speed Wi-Fi and a user gets quick access to the video clip on Youtube.

The management of the network of fitness clubs intends further to enlarge the number of exercise machines equipped with the video instruction with a QR code so every client could watch the information about the correct and effective technique of doing exercises on his mobile device and in such a way to achieve a perfect state of body.

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