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Tie up your business card as a tie with QRTie project

A group of creative people from Los Angeles have generated an interesting idea. They have different professions and they work in different places, however the desire to invent something new and extraordinary unites them together. The idea is to turn a simple, casual accessory, which the majority of men and also some women wear daily into a business card, which is always at hand. That’s why their project was called QRTie.

As a rule, office workers have to wear ties for work every day. This strict and business accessory gives confidence and presentability to his owner. Men can emphasize their identity, style and status matching it with the color, fabric of a tie, and also the way it is tied. The impression that you will leave on your business partners, colleagues and clients will depend on it. The project QRTie offers to make a tie even more functional accessory. So, an image of a QR code will appear at the back side of the tie. His owner will be able to enter his contact data, the information about the company or about his project, which will be useful for him, for example, in the course of negotiations, and encode them into a two dimensional barcode. As a result, a business card will be always in possession of his owner right at his neck and he will be able to offer to scan the QR code and transfer the necessary, encoded information in a matter of seconds. In such a way, the business card won’t be lost, it will be saved in the memory of the phone that belongs to the person who scanned it. Foe certain, such fashionable and up-to-date accessory won’t remain unnoticed among colleagues in the office.

However, hard workaday life sometimes make exhausted and workers go out of their office directly to a nearby bar or a club to relax a little and probably to establish new contacts. For these purpose, the project QRTie provides a feature to change the mode of your QR code to the night one. So, wishing to meet somebody, an owner of the tie with a black and white square symbol can offer to scan the QR code designed there, which will this time direct a smarphone user to go by the link to the page of the owner of unusual accessory in Facebook. QR code at a tie can be a business card of is owner and at the same time to tell more about his hobbies, friends and help to continue communication in social networks with the new acquaintances in the evening.

The authors provide six different designs of ties for all tastes. Each of them was named after a bright film star, with the significant style of his clothes. There is a te under the name “The Charlie”, which looks like a classic black tie of Charlie Chaplin, there is a tie with the name “The Cary” in honor of Cary Grant, it is a standard grey accessory that will match any business suit. All ties are made in classical style, that’s why the organizers of the project are sure that they will please their owners for a long time, and a QR code at the back side will make them the beloved accessory due to their functionality.

A creative group has placed its project at the site ‘kickstarter project’, where people with similar and extraordinary ideas look for support of simple internet users or sponsors. They tell their idea and collect small pledges and investments to realize the invented idea. The project has just started and they believe that soon they will produce the first series of attractive and unusual accessories for office workers and fans of business style of clothes.

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