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SQRL makes authentication easier and quicker

The new software solution based on the use of QR codes was recently presented by the American programmer Steve Gibson. This is an innovative way of logging on and user’s authentication at the site, which got the name SQRL or Secure QR Login. It is pronounced like “squirrel”.

The use of the new system SQRL is aimed to simplify the process of authentication at the site. A user won’t need to specify his personal data when logging the system. As a rule, to enter the site a user needs to enter his name and the password. Very often it is possible to guess them or size them up logically, as for convenience many people enter dates of birth of their relatives, phone numbers or other personal information. As a result, malicious persons receive a chance to get their hands on user’s personal information by trying to enter some of the most probable combinations of numbers and words. A large number of sites the user works with force him to remember different passwords and logins, which he specified during registration. It is difficult to keep in mind all this information and that’s why you sometimes need to spend much time to remember the required combination of numbers and letters.

Steve Gibson, who is famous for his several on-line projects in the security field, offers to use a more convenient ad up-to-date development instead of the existing system of logging the site. Thus, having entered the internet resource, which uses the system of authentication SQRL, a user will see an image of a QR code. Then he will need to enter the application SQRL on his mobile device or a desktop computer and scan a two dimensional barcode. After that the owner of a smartphone will need just to confirm his desire to enter the site by touching “Log in” at the display of a mobile device and users of computers just need to click on the image of the two dimensional barcode. In such a way the process of authentication at the site takes some seconds and doesn’t require entering of the information, and he won’t need to remember what exact password or a login he registered at this particular web-site. The advantages of such method of authentication can be estimated, for example, in transport, when it is inconvenient for a user to enter the password and login or his hands aren’t free.

The authors of the development explain that such method of logging the system is more reliable, as it doesn’t reveal the information about user’s transactions to third persons. They transfer hash through communication channels, but not the password, which happens usually. It is generated on the base of the master key and a unique one time code, which is encoded into the QR code. The mobile application SQRL on a mobile device of a user creates hash and sends it to the server for authentication. When logging the site, the system creates a unique QR code, which can be used only once. And as the hash is created on the base of the URL, encoded in the disposable code, it prevents the information interception.

The new program solution was presented at the beginning of October and now is being actively discussed and draws attention of the increasing number of users. Though there are such people, who are not sure that such system of authentication will be extremely popular and will be widely used in the nearest future. The idea to get rid of passwords and logins and replace them with the use of a simpler and more up-to-date technology was accepted by many people.

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