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SportScheck has introduced Yapital QR codes for convenience of its clients

Many people, who like active style of life and rest, prefer spending time wisely and are pleased to have an opportunity to make purchases using modern possibilities of internet and mobile technologies. Due to the growing popularity of on-line shopping, developers of mobile applications and software try to offer consumers as many as it is possible interesting , profitable and convenient solutions, which will help to turn many daily routines, for example, buying food or clothes in a simple and fascinating process.

As a result, passengers of the railway in Switzerland are offered to order food products in the internet store by means of QR codes on the way to work and to collect them on the way home at one of the cells of ‘SBB GoodBox’. And a world known company Tesco offers smartphone users to make New Year and Christmas purchases scanning a QR code on the display of its interactive stores at the Metro stations.

It should be mentioned that citizens of Germany also actively use modern opportunity to make purchases in internet stores by means of their bank cards. However, this process is long and requires attentive and correct entering of all details of the customer and the recipient. Some time ago a new up-to-date solution called ‘Yapital’ was introduced to smartphone users’ attention. This is the solution for making payments by means of QR codes via several channels: in store, by means of mobile devices, making on-line purchases and by invoice. At the moment this is one of the first such solutions in Europe allowing customers to pay purchases cashless.

The first partner of Yapital, offering its customers to use the latest technology of making payment has become the company SportsScheck. It is a leading retailer in Germany, providing different sports goods of well known world brands for the whole family to its customers.

Since now it is possible to make purchase of sports equipment, clothes and accessories in a matter of seconds. Due to the use of QR technologies this process has become simple, clear and quick. Having chosen goods in a catalogue or having ordered them on-line, a user of a smartphone will receive the invoice with an image of the Yapital QR code. To make payment a user will need to initiate the mobile application-scanner on his mobile device, direct a camera of the phone and scan the symbol of a QR code. Having confirmed his desire to buy goods, a user has to push only one button “confirm” and the payment operation will be conducted.

Yapital guarantees security and reliability of its services to users. And business representatives using the new modern solution will be able to attract clients with the possibility to make instant payment and lack of necessity to go to a bank for making payment of purchases or filling payment documents with a big number of figures and symbols.

The Chairman of the Board of Yapital Nils Winkler has declared in his interview that the company is striving to offer the best solutions to its clients. The introduction of Yapital QR codes will allow clients of SportScheck to be among the first paying for purchases in a simple and quick way and will strengthen the position of the company as the leader at the market of Germany.

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