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Seamless launches the system of mobile payments SEQR in Belgium

A global company Seamless, which is an active participant of the market of mobile commerce, expands its activity and since now citizens of one more European country will be able to fell benefits of the system of mobile payments SEQR. At the moment the company is a provider of mobile transactions based on the use of QR codes in 30 countries of the world, among which there are Sweden, Finland, Norway, Kuwait, Romania, Brazil and Thailand. Since spring of 2014, citizens of Belgium will also be able to use modern opportunity to make payment transactions by means of smartphones scanning a QR code on goods.

The company Seamless has announced about the agreement signature for cooperation with the Belgian Bpost Bank, clients of which will be able to use the system of payments by means of mobile phones in the nearest future. Now the SEQR technology of the Seamless mobile provider will be available for residents of Belgium. It will make it possible to make mobile payment easily and secure having specified the data of the bank accounts.

To use an up-to-date and simple mobile solution for making bank transactions, a user of a smartphone has to enter the site of the company Seamless or the store of applications on his mobile device and install the SEQR application. Now it is available for users of smartphones on the base of iOS and Android.

The mobile application SEQR is based on the use of QR codes. Users of smartphones can make purchases in retail and internet stores, pay bank receipts and transfer money. Developers of the payment system have thought of the security of the SEQR technology and assure their clients that the confidential data is under reliable protection. For example, having made a purchase in the retail store, a customer can initiate his mobile application SEQR on his phone, scan the QR code of his purchase at the cash desk, which will be offered by a seller, and confirm his desire to make purchase entering the PIN code of his bank account. The money will be instantly transferred for the purchase and the information on the transaction will be saved on the phone and it will be possible to see it at any moment controlling your spending.

One of the first partners of Seamless in Belgium, the same as in other countries of the world, which actively uses innovative benefits of QR technologies and pleases its clients with an opportunity to make purchases in a simple and quick way, has become McDonald’s. In spring 2014 citizens of Belgium will be able to pay for their purchases by means of their smartphones scanning a QR code at this chain of restaurants for family rest.

It is possible to add the representative of the pharmaceutical industry Apotek Hjärtat to the list of the companies that have a desire to use the SEQR technology for convenience of its clients. It is a popular network of Sweden pharmacies around the country. Citizens of Sweden have already been familiar with an opportunity to make purchases by means of QR codes and since spring 2014 they will be able to buy also the medicine they need in a convenient and simple way.

Peter Fredell, the CEO of the Seamless company, has stated that: “Our goal is to make Seamless mobile payments available in all spheres”. The company is constantly developing and tries to provide its clients with the best solutions at the market of mobile technologies based on modern opportunities of QR codes.

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