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QR library in Kiev

An unusual library has appeared at the central street of the Ukrainian capital. The organizers have decided to use QR codes to provide an opportunity to passersby to download a book in the electronic form by means of a mobile device.

This interesting project was created and realized by the employees of the company MTS Ukraine. The well known telecommunication company is famous for its innovative ideas and always monitors the development of technologies in the sphere of mobile marketing. The technical experts have not just once used the assistance of QR codes in the process of creation of their projects to make them more up-to-date, convenient and functional. The mobile library, which has appeared at Kreshchatik Street in the city of Kiev, was created especially for residents and guests of the capital in order they didn’t forget to read books and in such a way to improve their intelligence and broaden their horizons. These goals were set by the government of Kiev when they conceived this campaign and the experts of MTS Ukraine have developed, designed and performed the library to the wide audience.

The library itself is a usual stand where the shelves with books are designed. An individual QR code is printed on the back of each of the edition. Since now every passerby can download any publication he has liked in the digital form free of charge by means of his mobile device. For this purpose he just needs to scan the QR code at the chosen book using a special application, which is available for free at many internet sites. The company MTS Ukraine guarantees to create a separate Internet Access Point for convenience of users. In such a way it is possible to download a desired literary work to your mobile device without any worries about the traffic that was spend as Wi-Fi access will be absolutely free.

Any person who wants to use the library with QR codes and read books has an opportunity to choose from more than half a thousand of volumes of different authors. There are publications of famous Ukrainian writers such as Serhiy Zhadan, Andrey Kurkov, Maryna and Serhiy Dyachenko and many other Ukrainian artists and cultural workers in the mobile library. In order to simplify the street navigation of the Ukrainian capital, the organizers of the project have decided to place guides with the detailed description of tourist routes and sights of Kiev at the “virtual shelves” with QR codes. You can also find some books in the library, having read which users of mobile devices can learn the history of Ukraine and meet the traditions of the Ukrainian culture.

On the day of the opening of the mobile library with QR codes they have conducted a campaign the goal of which was to draw attention of users to the library and also to help people who live in villages and small settlements of Ukraine, which have lack of literature. Every person who wants to participate in the event could bring a printed edition of any publication and change it to five hundred books in the electronic form.

In the nearest future in case the mobile library in Kiev becomes popular, the organizers guarantee to continue their action and open the similar “virtual shelves” with QR codes in other large cities of Ukraine.

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