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QR codes at the facade of Eifman's 'Dance academy'

Eifman’s “Dance academy” has opened its doors on the first day of the new academic year and since now the young generation will be able to get worthy education and to start their way to the elite ballet. All who managed to pass a difficult competitive selection and become a student of this new modern educational institution in St. Petersburg got a chance to study at highly professional teachers and in future to become starts of the world stage.

The building of “Dance academy” deserves particular attention. The general designer of the construction was the architectural workshop “Studio44”. The idea was to reconstruct the building of the former cinema “Assembly” and create a unique up-to-date construction, which could combine classics and modernity in perfect junction.

It can be initially seen at the facade of the building. It reflects the idea of ballet education and traditions of the Russian ballet school. The architects made decision to save the portal in the form it existed at the beginning of the XX century, but to improve it and to make it more up-to-date. As a result the facade of the academy got its modern decoration in the form of QR codes reverted bricklaying. Each of such two dimensional barcodes contains a famous narrative about eternal beauty of dance and ballet art. In such a way, creators of the new educational institution, where children will study dance craft, tried to get the message of great value of the ballet school traditions and openness to new dance tendencies.

The use of QR codes as a decorative element in designing of the building facade steadily draws attention of users of modern mobile technologies. Such design solution allowed to save in stone important words about dance art and beauty of ballet for ages. Being interested in an unusual decorative element of “Dance academy” smartphone users will, for sure, have a desire to scan one of QR codes and learn what it hides. Many modern schoolchildren and teenagers haven’t read and heard such statements about ballet and, probably, having read clever thoughts and words told by the well-known persons, will wonder their meaning and open for them this wonderful art.

To scan an image of a QR code an owner of a smartphone or a tablet will need to install an application-scanner and direct a camera of his mobile device to the square symbol.

The building of the academy is constructed in such a way that all what happens inside of the educational institution is hidden from strangers’ eyes and all the windows of dance classes face the courtyard. Two bulks of the academy are joined by an atrium. The internal layout of the school is created by the principle of “an aquarium”, where glass walls prevail and it is possible to monitor movements of students from almost any corner of the building.

They created 14 ballet classes in the academy, each of which is decorated in accordance of modern standards. They are painted in different colors and have the latest sound and video equipment. The main hall for performances occupies about 300 sq. m. It is a stage of a modern ballet theatre with several rows of chairs for audience, parents of students and also professional dancers and critics.

The composition of “Dance academy” building has harmoniously united respect and honoring of traditions of the ballet school and modern tendencies also.

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